Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Many changes. . .

Well it's been a while since I've posted on this and of course there's been many changes. . .First, Scott is still a SAH-Dad. He's currently taking the courses to become a Real Estate Agent and is finishing that up within the next day or two. It's typically a 3 month class but because he opted to do it via corrospondence he's done it in about 3 weeks. He's very motivated!!! Once he's taken the class's final exam he then he has to take the state test to become licensed in the state of Texas. So keep your fingers crossed thathe passes with flying colors!! So far on all his course exams he's made at least a 95 or better!!!!!!!!! He's really excited about this new journey and is eager to get started.

I'm still working full-time in the NICU but will be, in a few weeks, working only Saturday and Sundays. I will be a "SAH-Mom" M-F so I'm excited about that as well as the fact that we will also be saving an astronomical amount in day care fees (almost $850/mo). So we'll see how that goes. . .

Austin of course has changed so much!! He'll be 5 months in a few days - I can't believe it. It has flown by!!
- On June 12th he rolled over (back to tummy) and now everytime you put him down on his back he flips to his belly. He even sleeps on his belly at night now. Lately he's been doing the "swimming" motion and we figure he'll be on all fours soon enough. . .

- Austin's also been trying to master the art of sitting up by himself. He's doing a pretty good job at it. He can sit up unsupported for about 5 min before he topples to the side :-)

- For about 1 month now, Austin's found his feet very intriguing! They are constantly in his hands or in his mouth where he'll suck on them! (Very limber!)

- He hasn't begun teething yet but he's always chompin' on his hands, his toys, mommy's arm, mommy's fingers, etc. . . and drooling a LOT!!

- - He's a talker!!! It's amazing to hear his voice and to watch his face light up while he's telling us stories. When he's not talking he's flashing his "kil-a-watt" smile at us that just melts our hearts!!!

- He's still a swing "addict" during the day for his naps but he's finally learning to sleep in his crib without waking up every 5 hrs. Usually he'll sleep for 6-7 hrs but every once in a while he'll go 8-9 hrs without waking! Sleeping baby = happy mommy!

- Austin is still strickly breastfed and I am very proud of that. Scott and I had to purchase a deep freezer for the garage because my milk was "runneth over" I have about 300+ oz in the freezer and am currently looking into the National Milk Bank to donate. In about 1 month we will begin the exciting step of baby food!!! Our pediatrician said we could begin baby cereal at his 4 month appointment. However, Scott and I opted not to do that since it has no nutritional value, it's just for educational reasons (ie: to learn "how" to eat with a spoon)

Earlier this month we all went to the Dallas Arboretum and had a great time looking at the gardens. It was SO hot!!! Austin loved looking around but he's just like his daddy --->he get hot easily! We've also taken Austin to the nearby neighborhood park recently and he thoroughly enjoyed himself on the swings!!