Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Busy, Busy!

Saying that the past two weeks have been busy and stressful is an understatement!  As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm starting a new position at a new hospital and therefore I'm doing a 2-week stint (HAHA  like my choice of words :-) ) in hospital/nursing orientation.  Scott, Austin and I have adapted well so far, although it's been hard leaving at 6am every morning and not getting home till 5:30.  I'm definately not cut out for the 9-5 sit down desk job!  I'd much rather work my 12-hr shifts 3 times a week, leave at 5:50am and come home at 8 than what I'm doing now.  Here's how everyone's doing. . . although I really honestly haven't seen much of my two men in the past 11 days. . .

Scott's doing well.  He's really stepped up while I've been gone and seems to be handling it well. . . although he has been retreating to his "MAN CAVE" a lot to play his computer games with his friends that are online at their homes.  Thanks technology for allowing that so that he's at least home and/or we don't have 2-3 other people at our place till midnight! LOL  He's been taking Austin to school every morning on his way to his school and I'm sure that's a real adjustment for both.  He's currently taking 5 classes and is juggling being a full-time daddy (since I've been working M-Sat the past week & this week) and I'm so proud of Scott - he made a 92 (!) on his Trigonometry exam and that's a class he's been fearing for a while!  WHOOO HOOOOO 

Austin's new school is a blessing for us all.  Austin seems to really love it and comes home daily with arts and crafts he's done.  He is constantly coming home dirty which in my opinion is a great sign - means they've gotten to play hard outside (he has playground time 45min-1hr 2x's a day) and he told me he "has friends and we play on playground"  Austin has seemed to adjust well to going to his new school and it's been nice that we have the option of taking him M-F although our plan is for him to not go more than 4 days a week.  Last Friday, Scott & Austin had daddy/son bonding day and yesterday (Tuesday) my mom watched him and so he was able to have Nonna/grandson bonding! 

Hospital orientation has really kicked my butt.  I'm not used to waking up at 5am to get ready for work M-F and have really been spoiled with working the weekend plan.  I'm still working the weekend plan at Methodist Dallas although I've put in "1st cancel" on every Sunday just so I get at least 1 day off a week!  I'm really pumped about this new organization/hospital I'll be working at and excited about the future!  Although I'm really really really nervous. . . they do computer charting and we've (the new RN's) have spent the past 3 days learning how to computer chart and it's a doozy!  Hopefully I'll be able to understand it better when I go to my unit tomorrow.  I'm going to the NICU tomorrow for the first time and, again, I'm nervous.  Nervous about meeting new people, learning 'their way', and adapting what I've been taught at Methodist to what the "Presby way" is.  We'll see. . .  but I've heard great things so I'm sure it's going to be fine. 

I promise next time I'll have pictures :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011


LOTS of Cha-Cha-Changes are taking place within the next month:

He's in his last semester before starting the 2-year Education Program at Texas A&M Commerce.  His schedule this semester is jammed packed full of classes - tough ones too, like Trigonometry, but I'm pretty sure he'll ace it like he's done all his other classes! Luckily for us all he seems to have a pretty great set of professors.  Luckily for everyone, his Trig professor is willing to help anyone and is always avaliable for questions/concerns!  Rare find lately :-/

I'm transferring to a new hospital: Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas to work NIGHTS in their Neonatal ICU.  The next few weeks will be rough going back and forth between my current hospital and working my Dayshift weekend plan and then going to Presby to do Hospital orientation and then be with a preceptor for 4 shifts (2 days; 2 nights)  I 'officially' start Full-time nights there March 28th although I'll be starting to work FT there on March 21st.  I'm going to a new hospital and starting to work nights so it's nerve-wracking and makes me anxious.  I hate change and the unknown, but I think this is the cosmic universe getting 'back at me' for never having to work a night shift ever.  I've been a nurse for a little over 5 years so I guess my times up LOL!

 He started a new 'school' this past monday at Cobblestone Learning Center.  It's a Learning Center/Preschool that has "Daycare hours" (ie: open: 6:15a-6P) although he'll only go from 7:30 till around 3 on his days.  He will be going M, W, F and since this Wed was yet another ice day he's only been once.  Scott took him again this morning (Fri) so hopefully it continues to be a seemless transition.  Monday was a great day for him and he seemed to enjoy it there!  Definately makes this a lot easier on his momma and her nerves HAHA!

Please, pray for us all as we transition and pray that our transition is as seamless as possible.  I figure if we can get through these next 5-6 weeks we'll be good!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


A while ago, I decided that it was time my lil family and I head west to visit my family that's out in California.  I have 2 Aunts/Uncles on my mom's side & 2 Aunts on my dad's side, plus my Nana and countless cousins that I haven't seen in over 15 years!  My Nana has never met my husband nor has she met Austin.  I haven't seen my cousins children (my first cousins once removed) since the oldest was a baby and she's now a beautiful teenager, so I can't wait. 

We decided Spring Break was the best time to go with Scott's schooling so that's only about 4 1/2 weeks away.  We have a solid week packed in the 3 full days and 2 1/2 days were are there!

Monday: flying in afternoon (cheapest tix) and landing around 4
Tuesday: Visit with the Lutz family during the day and dinner with friends at night
Thursday: Visit with the Alsman family during the day
Friday: Shopping, visit??  all before our 1:50pm flight

It's jam packed and busy but that's the main reason we're going.  Not to relax and sit - although it WOULD BE NICE - but to visit the family I/we haven't seen in years, or in some cases ever! 

Austin keeps asking when we are going on an airplane (he loves driving through the airport and seeing all the planes) and when are we seeing Mickey, Donald or Goofy?  So instead of telling him the answers to all his questions I decided to make a chain countdown.  That much easier.  Take one off every morning and when there are no more left it's time to FLY!

Austin enjoyed coloring the chains and watching the chain loops grow as he finished coloring them.  I can't wait to see it countdown.  33 days left!
being goofy 
Drawing circles 
His finished product! 

3 yr well checkup & Cha-Cha-Changes!

**Sadly, this post has no pictures!  GASP!  HaHa**

Yes, the title is correct: Monday was Austin's 3 year well checkup.  It's quite depressing - our Lil Man is growing up and growing up fast!  On Monday, before the start of Austin's new school, he had his 3 year old well checkup.  He's not "officially" 3 years until the 27th, but we needed to get him in today so that the Dr. can sign him off on being healthy for school. 

Here are Austin's stats:

Weight: 29.4 lbs (25th %)
Height: 36.5 inches (45th %)

The doctor was impressed with his successful potty training (minus at night in which he's dry upon waking 4-5 mornings of the week!) and his overall development.  This checkup was more child-based than infant/toddler based so it was surreal to see.  They took his blood pressure (82/42) and heartrate (88) - which is all normal.  He thought it was funny when they took his blood pressure and put the cuff on his arm.  Couldn't stop laughing, he thought it tickled :-) 

We went over some questions we had such as his still pickiness at eating.  I know all kids are but this Lil Man is a "mans man" (aka Meat & Potatoes) kind of kid, yet refuses pretty much all veggies.  He'll eat a fruit here and there but only if it's an apple, nectarine, strawberry or banana.  We do have to 'hide' veggies in his food - thanks to the help of the Deceptively Delicious cookbook!  However, I can't do it too much because then Daddy knows and he hates that LOL   

We also went over Austin's newest problem of requiring a lamp and his IKEA star nightlight that's right by his face.  Apparently it's not uncommon for a child of Austin's age to need light (bright light I might add) in his room and we were told that hopefully by Springtime it should dissipate.  I'm hoping, because it is awfully bright in there!

Austin didn't need any vaccinations since he was already current with his and we declined a flu "vaccine" this year again.  Next year will be a doozy.  He's suppose to get his "preschool boosters" (3 or 4 vaccines- but some are together so I'm not sure how MANY shots) at his 4 year old well check up and then won't need anymore until 2nd grade! 

After his doctor's appointment, we headed over to Austin's new school.  We're changing schools since I'll be changing hospital locations for work (another new post) as well as working nights.  Scott has school on M & W this semester at 8am and since I won't be home until his class starts we needed childcare in the 7:30 time.  We love Austin's 'old' school and the new changes that were taking place but the hours weren't feasible for us now.  He was going M & W from 9-2 but that doesn't work anymore. . .  I was stressing BAD!  Finally a friend/co-worker mentioned a place that's down the street from his Ammie that is Christian-based and has daycare hours (6:15a-6p) but has a curriculum and is like a preschool. 

When we toured the facility last week, all Austin cared about was that they had a playground!  LOL  So that's what he wanted to do on his first day.  Sadly, it was 35+ degrees outside and the rules are that it needs to be 55+ to be outside.  Poor kid got a big shock when we walked in: no playground time today and when we walked in another 3 year old was kicking and screaming for her mom not to leave.  .  .  Not really a good sight to see on your first day!  :-/   Due to Austin's age he was suppose to be in the 2 year class and move up in the summer to the 3's, however he was placed in the 3 year class since he's already potty trained (yea!) and will stay in their until they move up next year 2012. 

I was a nervous wreck all day and when Scott and I picked him up on his first day it warmed my heart to walk in to his classroom, have him see us, then run off to their play kitchen!  Guess he likes it :-)

Praying and hoping that the next few weeks he transitions without any problems and adjusts well to his new schedule and to mommy needing to sleep throughout the day.  I'll no longer be working the "weekend plan" during the day, I'll be working 3 random 12 hr night shifts during the week.  But hopefully with him at this new school he'll adjust well!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice'd In: Day 4 Going CrAzY!!

Today, is day FOUR of our Ice/snow craziness!  Actually today is quite different than the past few days - today we were expecting another Arctic blast and were SUPPOSE to receive 1-3 inches of snow.  When I woke up on Friday and looked out the window that was NOT the case!  Everything was "whited out" and absolutely beautiful.  Ice and it's affects (dirt/sludge/sand mix) on the other hand. . . are NOT! 

Abby LOVED it!
Our hope was to venture out to Target and get out of the house some.  We talked, last night, about doing that today but sadly I don't think that's going to happen.  Bummer.  At least with the snow, we could have fun outside sledding on trashcan lids (true Texan style!) and making snow angels and snowmen - so it wasn't a total loss.  However, the day turned from bad to worse ---- our beloved Kurieg coffee maker wasn't working!  It kept spitting the water back into the reservoir rather than putting the water into the little canister to dispense coffee.  I had a bad headache due to being coop'd up since Monday evening, not getting enough sleep due to Austin waking up - that's another post all together! - and just basically needing coffee. I was miserable and not a very nice person to be around LOL  Poor Scott tried his hardest to get it to work and figured out that every 3-4 months it was suppose to be "de scaled" yet we have yet to de scale it and we've had it for a while EWWW  LOL  In order to de scale it you'd need 48 oz of white vinegar -- something we DO NOT have :(  I think Austin sensed momma's migraine and her about to turn into a Coffee-lacking Maniac so he retreated off into his "home" and played with his cars.  Scott tried desperately to restore the coffee maker with the materials that we had on hand and actually, after MUCH struggle, got it to work momentarily.  GOD BLESS HIM!  LOL  I usually don't call myself a coffee dependent person but when you have nothing else to do but sit and stare at each other, coffee becomes your BFF  That cup of coffee was so delicious and did minimize my tension headache/migraine.  So therefore, the day was looking up for me and all near LOL 

Oh yea!

Around 9:15am (YES all this coffee craziness happened early since someone pint sized is a VERY early waker!). . .  Anyways, around 9:15am it started to snow so Austin, Scott and I bundled up and headed outside.  We took Austin and put him on the "Texas-style" sled (Trash can lid, remember?!  LOL) to go sledding down our block.  He loved it and after a face plant wanted to walk.  We decided to walk around the block and check out the sights.  It was beautiful and we decided right then that there was no way were were going anywhere.  The snow was pretty but there was still a thick layer of ice underneath it all. 

My Fav picture!  He was enjoying it so much 
*this coat we've had since Austin was 10 mo old and went to AZ for the Race for the Cure!  LOL  Thank goodness it still fits.  A little small in the sleeves but overall wonderful to reuse 
After our venture out -- YEA!!  -- we came inside and did our usual: Austin: CARS, Me: HGTV, Scott: homework.  Scott and I were productive and cleaned out our cabinet and our dreaded "junk drawer".  What excitement.  Austin and I made some blueberry muffins to break up the day as well as go outside for another walk and visit with our good friends, Blake, Jessica and their beautiful daughter, Kerrington!

Yes, he's still a "jersey-freak"!  LOL 
DISASTER!  Got on his hands.  Wipe it off and then he's happy as a clam.  Cracks me up because it's okay if he waterpaints on his hand. . . just no food 
Walking around! 
Austin & Momma footsteps!  <3 
Playing with a friend! 
What a boy!  Enjoyed throwing snowballs at her  

Hoping tomorrow - on my drive to work - it's not too terrible, but luckily Scott is going to drive me (with Austin in the backseat) so thankful for that!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice'd In: Day 3 & getting antsy!

Today, it's Thursday and we all are getting a little antsy of being coop'd up inside.  Austin is bored - I mean, come on you can only play with your toys so many times in the course of 4 days and doing nothing but that before you go crazy, I'm bored :gasp!: of watching TV and playing fort - embarrased to say, I'm tired of playing fort/cars all day, and Scott's itching to get out.  I think I want to change my name.  My name is no longer "Momma" but something else. . .  I'm getting this all day:

Austin: "Momma, watch this!"
Austin: "Momma, watch this!"
Austin: "Momma!  Watch this!"
Austin: "Momma, watch this!"
Austin: "Momma, watch this!"
Austin: "Momma! Watch this!"

LOL!  God love him!

Today was another day of temps in the teens (as the high!) and another day of being inside.  The fire was going and our emergency feature on our heater has been on since Tuesday.  (It was blowing nothing but cold air out of the ducts until we turned that awesome feature on!)  We are eagerly looking forward to Friday when the temps *should* be above freezing, but now they are saying that we are going to be having another round of artic blast tonight with snowfall expected to be 1-3 inches!  UGH! 
New addition to Austin's "home" 
Living room - with his CARS dvd for sound while he plays with his cars 
"cheese" smile!

For lunch, we made pizza's again.  It's something fun to do together and so delicious! 
Our pizzas!  Which one is Scott's?!  HA! 
For dinner we had a picnic of Beef Nachos.  Austin thought that was the coolest thing ever!   

Here's to hoping tomorrow isn't so bad.  We're hoping to venture out to Target and walk around.  Here's to excitement :-)

Ice'd in: Day #2

Today is our second full day of being iced in and it's starting to wear on us.  We so desperately want to be out.  It's pretty funny - on days you just want to lounge and not go or do anything it's okay. . . until you're FORCED to not go anywhere!  HA! 

Today, Scott, Austin and I have done nothing but lounge around and watch TV, play fort, play CARS cars until desperation kicked in.  I KNEW I should have stopped by the store Monday afternoon for certain things but didn't.  Heck, I didn't think it'd be THIS bad!  The temps have been anywhere between 8-19 degrees and our 'norm' today should be around 55!!  So, since we were so desperate - and in need of milk, coffee creamer and DP/Pepsi - that we ventured out to our nearest store of Wal-Mart.  Who knew a trip to WM would be so exciting?!?!  LOL It was a little scary getting there since the roads were a solid block of ice, but we made it. 
Playing around in the toy section 

When we got home, we decided to let Austin play outside on the ice for a few minutes.  We were only outside for about 5-10 minutes until Austin's face resembled something like a cherry tomato! 
"Sledding" on the ice in the driveway.  He LOVED it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Austin singing at the Lighthouse Coffee Bar

Gloom & Doom: 2/1/11

Every year Texas gets at least 1 ice day a year, minimum.  Every year it's "gloom & doom!" and there is nothing on the TV but the news talking about road closures, the weather, ect.  Last year if you recall it snowed a record of 15 inches.  That few days was a blast and we could still get out after the first few hours - if needed - but today we received nothing but sleet and ice!  We did get a fine layer of 'snow dusting' but it's pretty much a solid block of ice outside.  Lucky for me, I don't have to work today (WHOO HOOO) and Scott's school finally cancelled their day classes (We are still awaiting word if his night class is on), so our lil family is chillin' at home nestled in a warm house.  Thank God for heating and electricity - some aren't so lucky!

Austin's chillin' in his 'home' and watching CARS on the portable DVD while playing with his CARS cars alongside the movie. 
This 'home' has been up for 6 days now! 


Scott working on his Trigonometry homework! 

And, for the meantime, I'm drinking a nice hot cup of coffee watching the "gloom & doom" on the TV 

Later today we will be making pizzas for lunch and getting out the watercolors and the craft box!  They aren't predicting the weather temps to get above freezing until Friday afternoon so it's time to be creative!