Monday, September 20, 2010

I wanna drive!

Last Thursday my moms group went on a 'playdate' to visit the Mansfield Firestation.  Last year when the group went Austin wasn't into it.  He loved seeing the firestrucks but didn't want to get IN one.  HAHAHA  What a difference a year makes!  This year Austin was 2 1/2 so of course he loves his firetrucks even more and loves being in the front seat of any vehicle therefore you couldn't get the boy OUT!

He Loved riding/sitting in the Ambulance.  His response, "So cool!"
Teaching the boy patience!  He already had a turn and wanted to get in again. 
This picture was Austin trying to get down to explore but was captured just right.  Silly momma wanted a picture with Lil Man.

I wanna ride this one!!  He was determined to get up there himself - Mr. Independent!

"I do it" was his response when I asked if he needed help.  LOL
This is my fav. picture. 

He was SO happy and on cloud 9 once he got in the driver seat.  I see a future fireman on my hands!  He literally would've been happy to sit in there all day long.  He kept saying "I drive!  I wanna drive!" when telling him it was time to get out and give someone else a turn.  Sadly, had to pry the boy away from his dream of being a 2 1/2 year old Firetruck Driver.  Shattered Dreams!

Exploring the inside of the Firetruck
The firemen were so sweet and patient with the kids!  I wish I could do more than just bring cookies on the meetup as a way of saying "thank you"  Not sure what?  Any ideas?  I'd love to hear your thoughts as I'm sure we'll be going again next year!
More exploring
"What?!  You mean I need to get down?" 
 HAHAHA!  No, the fireman wasn't wanting Austin to get down.  He was just being kind and asking if Austin was ready to get out since Lil Man started walking his way.  BOY what a look Austin gave!!  No he wasn't done  LOL

Future Fireman!

Cheesin' for the camera.  So cool with his shades on.  I swear his alter ego comes out when I give him his shades! 

The coolest part, in the moms opinion, was the end.  We were told at the beginning just in case the bells went off we needed to take the kids and step to the side so that the firemen could do their job and head out.  We were told that last year but nothing ever happened.  THIS YEAR. . . oh yea it did!  It was so cool!  The bells went off and one of the firemen patiently asked us to grab the kids out of the truck.  I grabbed Austin and another little boy and held them on my hips until we were out of the way.  Thank goodness for workouts!  Anyways, as the kids were screaming and getting upset that the firemen and trucks/ambulance were leaving, the moms were amazed and loved watching them in action.  That was by far the coolest part!  I wish I had it on video or at least gotten pictures of it but I was too busy holding back Austin who was upset that the firetruck was leaving.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandparents Day, Part II

Although I had to work on Grandparents Day we made sure that the Grandparents is Austin's life were not forgotten!  I know most don't go out of their way to celebrate this day since they are celebrated on Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day but I feel that this day is just as special as those because Grandparents are treasured! 

On Friday Austin gave Ammie her Grandparents gift:
Isn't that Sunshine the cutest thing ever?!  Austin made it with the help of his Preschool class and his sweet teacher, Mrs. Shannon!  Austin is such a ham and flirt when it comes to the camera - especially if someone else is taking the pictures LOL  This picture captures his personality perfectly

What?!?!  You Like the Bag?  I couldn't forget to add Lightening McQueen to the festivities!

(Gotta <3 this $1.00 WM bag!)

On Monday, Nonna & Poppa got their gift:
Yummy Coffee Cup for Nonna (Ammie got one too!)
Photo Magnet for Poppa to put on the frig or somewhere on his desk at work
Another sweet Grandparents Day craft done at Austin's Preschool.  I <3 that his school celebrates and honors this day like us!

Did you know. . .

Technology is SO cool!  Did you know that when posts are published from our family blog an email is sent out to you if you're on the family email list?  Everytime I publish a post/story on our family blog: it automatically sends you the email version of the post without me having to manually do it myself. . . lazy I know but how cool is that!? 

For more go to our family blog and check it out sometime.  Trust me - it's much prettier than the emails LOL


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparents' Day!

This Sunday marks a very special day for Nonna, Poppa, and Ammie. . .

Happy Grandparents' Day! 

 According to this day has a threefold purpose:

1. To honor grandparents

2. To give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children's children.
3. To help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer.

Words can't express how blessed Austin is to have Grandparents who cherish, adore and spoil him rotten!  Pictures will constantly be taken but it's the memories he'll remember as he grows older of the special ones in his life.  So happy Grandparents day to Margo, Craig, & Carolyn! 

I would also love to wish my Nana (Ruth C.) and Grandma Jean (O. Jean L.) a special day as well!  XOXOXOX

Friday, September 10, 2010


Now that Scott is back in School during the fall semester Friday's are now our Family Days.  Today we decided to take a trip on the Forest Park Miniature Train outside the Ft. Worth Zoo  Austin couldn't wait to go see the choo choo's and kept asking to see them as we were driving.  Patience my dear!  Although it was a very humid day the breeze picked up as we were riding so it wasn't too bad, especially at the 11 o'clock run we went on!  We had to wait for a few minutes before the train departed so of course we took that opportunity to snap some pictures!
Eagerly awaiting to give away his ticket
"Here you go!"
This is one of my favorite pictures
Lil Stinker! 
I'll have to go to my parents one day - I recall me doing a similar expression LOL
Checking out the sights:
THIS WAY. . . .
THAT WAY. . . .
NO!  THAT WAY!. . .
He especially loved when the train would go CHOO CHOO!! 

It was such a great trip for our lil family!  We can't wait to go again

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Labor Day Weekend

While most people had a 3 day weekend, our family was on a FOUR-day holiday!  Scott's Aunt Connie is in town so Carolyn took Friday off to spend it with her.  I've never met her nor has Austin, so it was great to spend the Labor Day weekend with his "Auntie Konni".  We hope Auntie will come in town again so that we can spend more time together! 

Friday was a jam-packed day of food and shopping!  Scott, Austin, Carolyn, Aunt Connie and I started the day early and headed over to IHOP to meet my mom for breakfast.  Afterall you need a good nutritious meal before spending money  HA!  After eating, we all (minus mom) headed over to the DFW National Cemetery to visit Patrick's headstone since Aunt Connie has never seen where Patrick was put to rest. 

Missing a loving man but comforted to know he's in a beautiful place
Toasting Patrick (Connie always wanted to have Sake with Patrick)
Patrick's headstone was even doused with some Sake!
"Three, Four, Five"  LOL

After the cemetery we headed out for some shopping.  We literally shopped from 10am till about 4pm!  We love those Labor Day sales!!  Most stores were having 30-40% off the WHOLE store so we couldn't pass up a great deal when we found them.  We were too busy spending money, trying on clothes and enjoying each others company to take pictures.  We did however take a picture of Austin passed out in the car at 4:30pm.  He was fighting with everything he had to NOT fall asleep while we were out.  The second we got in the truck he was out like a light and drooling HAHA! Poor guy

We headed home where my mom joined us for some homemade enchiladas and to watch The Notebook!

Saturday they did more shopping but I was at work with my other babies (I work in the Neonatal ICU).  Sunday they went to church then vegged on the couch all day to recooperate!  Monday we had Carolyn, Connie, my mom and dad over for some food, games and great family fun.  We all played a new game to the Lutz clan but a vey old game to the Bradshaw's.  The game we played was 31 years old and was called DARK TOWER.  It was a very fun game and again we were too busy having fun to grab the camera.  I know Aunt Connie took lots of pictures during her trip to Texas so I'll have to post those later.  I did manage to get one shot of Austin with his Poppa that's adorable.

Aunt Connie will be in town till tomorrow and she LOVES Mexican Food - almost as much as Austin LOL - so of course for her last night here we are going to EL Fenix!  YUM YUM YUM  I'll make sure to take pictures so stay tuned :-)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is it time for that again?!!


Scott and I can't believe it!  Still can't. . ..  

While Austin was in his first day of Preschool, Scott and I went to grab a few things at Target.  We knew they had a CARS full-sized comforter and sheets and since they were going to phase them out soon we decided to go ahead and get them before it was too late.  Well, I guess that got the ball rolling.  We've been thinking and talking for a while about WHEN to get Austin a new matteress and convert his crib/toddler bed into the full sized bed that it can be.  He had about 5 more inches before he was head to foot against the side railings and since Matteress Giant (others too) was having their huge Labor Day sale we decided to go ahead and check out the prices.  WOWZERS were they ever!! They were having a Labor Day Sale + Back to School sale so we got a matteress set (matteress + foundation "aka box spring") for a HUGE fraction off!  Huge savings. . . and we were just going in there to look HA!

We came home and Scott set the bed up. 

 Then we found out that the matteress + foundation makes the bed way heigher than we're comfortable with.  It even made it higher than OUR bed, so we returned the foundation.  Thankfully, we received a full refund on the foundation and instead of getting a "Low profile" foundation that would just be 3 1/2 in shorter we purchased a "bunk booster" (it's foundation is only 2 1/2 inches) it's much better

Austin loves it.  The first thing he did was get on and jump on it!  LOL  But I can't blame him - heck I even did that in the store HAHA! - and I think it's safe to say, He loves his big boy bed.

School's in Session

Like I mentioned in the previous post, Austin's first day of School was today.  Today was his 2nd year at the preschool and he would be in the 2 1/2 - 3 yr old class.  To celebrate this special day, we had a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls and milk (coffee's in MY cup!)


After breakfast, we headed off in the clothing that Scott/Daddy selected!  He looked so handsome and grown up. 

In true Austin fashion, he clung to me like an octopus and literally had to be pulled off of me by the teacher!  He wasn't crying hysterically, but was whining a bit.  However, within 5 seconds of me leaving, he was playing with the other 3 kids and his teacher having a blast!  Whew.

At 2pm when School was over, I went to go pick him up and he didn't want to leave!  What an awesome sight to see.  I knew right then that Austin had a blast on his first day and all the changes were for the good.  He even gave his teacher, Mrs. Shannon, a hug before we left without anyone asking him too.  Such a sweetie!!

Of course, here's his backback and lunch box.  We had to go get a bigger backpack to put all of his stuff in so it's the 'normal' size vs. toddler size