Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy Boy!

Austin is such a silly sleeper.  Here are some examples of the positions Lil Man has been seen sleeping in:
 In his crib
In his toddler bed
(sleeping with the unfinished sucker midway to his mouth)
In his carseat after Preschool

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere!

Today, Nonna, Austin and I joined my MOMS group at the nearest Pumpkin Patch for storytime and pumpkin pickin'!  We had such a great time despite the fact it was unseasonably hot for the middle of Oct.  I kind of laugh at that statement since it was only mid-to-high 80's and Texas Summers are WAY worse but the past few weeks have been amazing so this was a shock to us!

We arrived before the scheduled storytime for some running around freedom and for pumpkin pickin' time:
Yea, don't ask!  LOL
GRRRR  the stupid timestamp!  Wish I knew. . . oh well - lets pretend we don't see it, okay?!  :)

Then storytime began: 
and after storytime the kids got to pick out their own pumpkins to take home! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

You want a Sandbox meetup? I say, ROAD TRIP!!!

I love the fact that with living in the DFW area, I'm able to meetup with so many Sandbox Mommas!  I've met up with various mommas and the kids in July 2010,   In June 2010,  In June 2009,  In October 2008 in Arizona,  and also our 1st Sandbox Meetup in September 2008!  We are so blessed to have met these beautiful women inside and out and have their friendship!  When Christina (although she'll further be referred as Fancy since that's her nickname now ;) ) mentioned we should drive down to visit their zoo since it has Dinosaurs I was interested.  Austin loves DinoRawrs so we started planning.  By 6:15 Thursday morning Austin and I were on the road for the 3 1/2 hour drive to Conroe. 
We've had practice before with our June trip to Oklahoma so I knew how to prepare oursevles for that length of a trip.  I do have to say that Austin did, yet again, FANTASTIC during the drive.  He, like most, got antsy around the 2 hour mark so we stopped in Madisonville for a walk around/potty break.  We apparently made great timing because we arrived a little before 10 AM.  Towards the end of the drive Austin was tired of his books and his other road trip toys so I gave him my phone.  Now. . . before you freak, just know that my son is a Genius (no, really! )  and knows what apps he is allowed to play with and which ones are off limits.  He also knows how to manuever around the certain apps he likes.  For example, the Kideo's app houses thousands upon thousands of shortclip videos ranging from Elmo to Backyardigans to Sid: the Science Kid.  He knows how to go to "channels" select the one he wants (ie: Mickey Mouse he knows to look for something that has 2 words and both start with "M" ---> like I said GENIUS!! ) So my iphone came in handy the last 20 minutes.
Once we arrived at the house, we unloaded and headed out to the Houston Zoo.  OMG their zoo is amazing!  Not only does it have DinoRawr's but it's landscaping and layout is beautiful and smart!  They even have an iphone app that hosts all sorts of things like giving you a map, telling you about a certain area, telling you when the zookeepers will speak as well as having a friend finder!  (I did find out that the Dallas Zoo up with technology.  They have one and it's free.  Fort Worth Zoo. . . cough, cough.  GET WITH THE PROGRAM!)
Peak-A-Boo!  We're heading to the Zoo!
Long Lost BFF's (Jackson & Austin)
Both born Feb 08
Momma Fancy with the boys
Having lunch inside the zoo at one of the pavillions
"Seriously Mom! You're making me SIT again even after a long car ride" 
Checking the Monkeys

Where's the DinoRawrs you ask?  Well funny thing - these awesome Dinosaurs move and actually growl (do Dinosaurs 'growl'?) so it was a little frightening!  We quickly moved on as fast as we could HAHA  Who knew?!
Trainride outside the Houston Zoo.  Yet again, another place with beautiful landscaping and scenery!

Thankfully the weather was gorgeous and so after the zoo we headed out back to unwind from the zoo before eating the OH SO YUMMY homeade stuffed shells with sauce. 
"What?!  Another camera!?"
They did have a cat and this was the first time that Austin was around a kitty kat.  He loved Bruce and was very interested in what Bruce was doing at all times! and NO, we will NOT be getting a cat!  LOL

The next day, Fancy, Jackson, Austin and I headed over to the Waterways at the Woodlands for some fresh air and a trolley ride. This place was, yet again, breathtaking. It kind of reminded me of a mixture between the Los Colinas Canals + the greenery and scenic views of White Rock Lake mixed with a little historic feel with the Trolley.  We watched the ducks enter the canal and talk to the boys LOL
Isn't it beautiful?
Getting a closer look at the ducks.  Jackson was showing Austin something 
The boys having fun.  Who knew a plant leaf would provide entertainment to flick about?!  LOL 
Here is a picture taken LAST YEAR at the Fort Worth Zoo (June 2009)  They are growing up SO fast!
The area even had a Koi Pond! 
After walking around we hopped on the trolley where it dropped us off in front of Barnes n' Nobles for a break of CARS book reading (what else would there be?!  ha!).  After that we stopped for lunch at the mall and then we rode the trolley back to the car.  Austin loved riding the "choo choo" and poor Jackson was getting irritated with me.  He kept looking at me with a frusterated look and kept telling me, "It's not a choo choo, it's a TROLLEY!"  LOL  True True lil fellow!

After that Austin and I headed back home around 2 o'clock.  Although we DID get stopped for 50 min ten minutes into our commute due to a wreck blocking all 2 lanes on the highway!  We were in a parking lot literally and I turned my car off - that just shows that we weren't moving.  Luckily Austin was taking this time to get his nap in so I was thankful for that!! 
I can't wait for another SBB Meetup!  We shall see who we meet up with and where we go next!  Stay tuned.  Although after doing 5 meetups now, I do have to say that I personally prefer the ones where the kids can play at the house while the mommas get to actually talk IN PERSON verses over the phone, texting, or the computer.  It was nice to spread out the fun over 2 days and Fancy and her family were so welcoming and perfect hosts.  We didn't want to leave!

Fall Fun

The other day after picking up Austin from Preschool we headed over to our nearest neighborhood park to play before the elementary school kids got out.  Austin loves the 'big kid' section of this playground (they have a pint sized area as well as a 'big kid' area) but gets a little apprehensive when older kids are running around with their newfound freedom from school LOL 

Austin told me this about this slide. . . "Red Car goes fast!  Goes weeee Super fast!"

There was only another little girl there - we later found out Macee was 5 (LOL about the things little kids tell strangers) - who was playing on the same playground.  She'd slide down the slide and encourage Austin to do the same.  Oddly enough, Austin loves our play set and our slide at home but when it comes to public slides he's leery.  We aren't sure why but it takes him a few minutes to get warmed up and some days he never goes down one.  Luckily Macee was persuasive and finally Austin joined in on the fun.  They played a game: climb up really fast (via the steps OR the slide itself LOL), slide down, REPEAT!

He was a little daring today as well!  He tried this 'ladder' about 8 months ago and it was difficult for him.  He hasn't tried since.  However today he couldn't get enough of it.  Once Macee left LOL he would climb up - after a brief instructional moment from momma - slide down the twisty slide and. . . REPEAT! 
At one point, I no longer felt the need to 'hover' just in case he fell so that I could snap pictures of my Spiderman

I love these two expressions especially below - The joy of a child!!