Monday, October 19, 2009

What to do vs. What NOT to do!

Austin's been able to use a spoon for a while now.  He's really good if it is something thick like oatmeal but it can get a bit messy when you give him something like yogurt.  We still haven't tried cheerios with the milk actually IN the bowl. . . not yet. 

BUT. . .  that's NOT what this post is about.  It's about how Austin is getting better and better at using his fork.  Recently he's been using his fork since he's now more aware of what we have and what we are using (utensils) to eat.  Amazingly enough he'll actually eat chicken with his fork, but has never eaten more than one bite in the past so this is a real breakthrough!!!  However, last Thursday evening we had Breakfast for dinner (My personal fav) and Scott made pancakes.  Naturally Austin wanted a fork just like Momma & Dadda had so we gave him one.

He did great throughout the meal - even ate 3 1/2 'adult' sized pancakes!!!  But as the meal came to a close a I couldn't figure this out as we were watching him. . .Was he bored OR was he trying another method?! LOL

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

This was the first year Scott and I took Austin to a pumpkin patch.  Although it wasn't a grand place to go, it was so cool to see all thoses pumpkins in different sizes, shapes and colors!  Who knew a pumpkin could be white or that a pumpkin could look like it has severe acne?! 

I really didn't have much expectations for what Austin would do or how he would act.  I just wanted to go to a pumpkin patch since I haven't been to one since I was very young.   Austin was his typical self - running around in no particular path having fun outdoors :-)  He did, however, stop every once in a while and touch a few pumpkins.  Here are some pictures of our outing:

Checking them all out. . .

Hmmm. . . Which way to go?!?

How tall are you, Austin?

We then met up with Nonna afterwards for lunch at Jason's Deli.  YUMMMMYYYY!!! 

Austin did buy a pumpkin - pint sized just like him - but didn't like giving the sweet lady his money + donation.  He has a hard time giving money away for some reason.  Can't blame him!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everything's BIGGER In Texas!

I took this shot last year since I forgot - gasp - to get another one this year, so I just copied & pasted.  But hey who am I kidding - it's going to look the same Every Year!!!  :-)

Another highlight of my day was having Scott and I take Austin to the Little Hands On The Farm.  It's an exhibit where the little ones can feed chickens, gather eggs, plant seeds, dig up a vegetable and milk a cow. They then sell their crop shares and receive "money" for their work.  Then at the end they enter into a grocery store where they can spend their hard earned money.  It was a blast taking Austin!!!  Such a hard-working farmer who is unbelieveably adorable!
Putting on his apron before working

Basket in hand, Apron on, time for W-O-R-K!!!

Feeding the chickens

Milking the cow - well momma's milkin' the cow while I sit and play with the ziploc bag! 

Planting my seeds. 

Driving the tractor to drop food off to the piggies

In true Austin fashion - unsure of what to do when stuff is stuck to his hands! LOL  Teaching him to shake it off like he would while washing his hands - which by the way he's getting to be really good at!! :-)

"A man's gotta eat - I'm famished"  --> sadly you can't Purell a child's mouth :-(

Taking the milk I milked from the cow to the store so they can sell it

Austin's first hard-earned income!! We're so Proud of that Dollar!

Buying some cheese crackers with his earnings

He was hesitant to give her his money - who could blame him!?! - so momma had to step in

Enjoying his reward!! XOXOX

Here are some other various pictures from our day at the fair:

Giddy Up Cowboy

Everywhere we turned.. .. BALL. . . BALL. . . BALL. . . BALL. . .  BALL
 Do you catch my drift :-)

Grandpa - what's up?!

Looking out at the Midway and Ferris Wheel at night

Dunno why we didn't think of this sooner and not 5 minutes before we were headed home. All I could think of was 'ghetto white trash'

All hyped up on the way home - not sure why.  Was out past his bedtime and didn't have anything more that a tiny bite of fried oreos.  Maybe it's just the adrenaline one gets at being at the fair - although everyone else in the truck was pooped!

Having fun with Grammie on the way home

Last but certainly not least - you can't take a child to the fair and NOT have them ride the super fast and super fun Carousel!!  Austin loves riding the carousels at the local malls so we, of course, couldn't pass this one by. 

This one is a little dark. . . sorry

Thanks Dada for watching out for me since there wasn't anything to keep me secure.

It was so much fun this year, can't wait to see what NEXT year has in store for us!

Great State Fair of TEXAS!!!!

Big Tex says HOWDY FOLKS!!!

Scott, Austin and I are pretty lucky that the State Fair of Texas is so close to us (~30 minute drive) and so we go every year.  Although we took Austin to the fair last year, this was by far the best year yet!!    It's so much fun as parents to watch our son get so excited about rides, food, the cars and all the commotion that typically goes on during the Great State Fair of Texas. 

The first thing we did was tour all of the cars and trucks they had on display.  It's definately a MUST SEE!!! 

This is what it will be in about 14 years - after Austin gets a job LOL!

This year Austin was old enough for the tiny Texans exhibits.  It was so much fun to watch his whole face light up with excitement!  Just like any normal 'almost' 2-year-old there were some tiring times like wanting to run free and not hold our hands, impatience, etc. but seeing him interact with the exhibits  - especially the ones designed for kids made up for it!!  Every year there is a show called, "Backyard Circus" and since Austin was old enough to be able to enjoy it we made sure we were around that part of the fair so he didn't miss out.  However, we got there ~30 min early to get front row seats which was a good thing for the seat selection but bad because how do you explain to a 19 month old that we have to wait patiently for the real fun to begin?! Here are some pictures of Austin waiting patiently. 
 Being goofy:

Austin pointing to the tire/wheel saying, "BALL!"  lol

This was Austin as he was watching the Backyard Circus.  It's so exciting to see the look of pure joy in your sons eyes!!  This was the first highlight of momma's day - seeing my son so excited.  He was clapping, yelling along, and jumping up in down in joy!

THEN we made it over to the Midway for food, games and fun.  For all you Texan Fair fans, you know the Midway = trying out all the Fried "X", Fried "Y" and Fried "Z" you can find LOL  They have Fried Snickers (Carolyn aka: Grammie's Favorite), Fried PB&J, Fried Cheesecake, Fried DrPepper (Fancy!?!?), Fried twinkies, you name it - they've got it.  This year's new fried item was Fried Butter!  Must be good, Oprah said it was "Heavenly"  My favorite as well as Scott's is the Fried Oreos. Since I know Austin likes regular oreos I thought we'd give him one to try.  What do you think - Did he like it?

checking it out. . .

Taking a little taste. . .

So what's your guess, did he like it or not?

The midway also has some rides for the little ones as well as the little ones at heart.  Although there were not very many rides that Austin could go on the ones he did go on he loved!!  Most required that you be 34 - 36 in or taller and since he was only 31 at his 15 month appt it wasn't happening.  There were some rides that required the child to be only 30 inches or taller but most were spinners (ie: things that make Austin's momma ill LOL), so even though Austin went on 2 rides - he loved every minute of it!

Scott and I see this every year and every year we say we won't do it.  This year we did that and Carolyn (MIL) even did it with me for a second time. 

Then Scott and I went into one of the Fun houses!  Here I am being goofy in front of the cRaZy mirror.

Austin (with Grammie and Grandpa) waving at us from the Fun House Balcony

I love seeing comparison pictures on other friends' blogs so I thought I'd do the same:
Last Year ( 7 1/2 months)

This Year (19 1/2 mo):

Last Year:

This Year: (disclaimer: as Scott was looking at the blog before I hit Publish all he could muster was - "Am I wearing the same shirt two years in a row!?!  That's Asinine!"  LOL!)

Last Year:

This Year:

There will be another blog - and even more pictures - to come!  So in true Big Texan fashion: "Come Back Now, Ya hear!"