Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Family Christmas Portraits

For Austin's 1st Christmas and our 1st Christmas as a family we decided to have professional portraits made. Here are a few. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So Big!!!

Austin turned 9 months on Thanksgiving Day. I can't believe it took 9 LONG months for him to arrive but yet the 9 months he's been here has flown by! In these nine months he has managed to have Mommy, Daddy, Nonna, Poppa, Grammie & Grandpa wrapped around his lil fingers. At his 9 month check up he was:
Weight: 20 pounds
Height: 28 1/4 inches

He's accomplishing so much! He's still a talker and his vocabulary is growing every day. He started crawling properly mid-November. I say properly because for the 1st half of November he'd crawl but yet drag his head. It was definately a sight to see. I'll try to load up some video of him soon!! Now that he's crawling he's EVERYWHERE!! It's so amazing to see him explore things that he's seen before but now that he can get to it himself it's so much more interesting! He's also a fast crawler. If he knows he's not suppose to go somewhere or get to something and he sees us approaching, he'll crawl at lightening speed while laughing. He is also starting to master pulling himself up from a sitting/crawling position to standing.

Every Tuesday we are going to Storytime at our local library and he loves it. He's such a great listener. He loves watching all the other babies/kids play around while watching the libarian read them a couple of stories. He loves to play with his books and he's collecting quite the library. His favorite books so far have to do with Elmo.

He's already starting to eat us out of house and home. We go through about 112 jars of baby food per month - and that's just for lunch & dinner! For breakfast he's enjoying YoBaby Yogurt and on Friday he gets blueberry pureed Pancakes compliments of Daddy. In addition to his solid food, he's still nursing and it is still going strong! [I am also still able to donate to the National Milk Bank] He is getting better and better drinking out of a sippy cup. He's realized if I stop chewing and suck water comes out!