Monday, November 30, 2009

21 month Well Checkup Appointment

Today Austin had his 21 month well check up.  I still can't beleive in a few short months my baby is going to be turning TWO!  Wow!   Ever since his 3 week checkup, I always have loved taking Austin in to his well checkups.  It's reassuring to me as a parent to see how well he's growing and to get other information from our pediatrician, who Scott and I like!

I'll give you all his stats first because, after all, that IS the most important!!!  LOL

Weight @ Birth:           7 lbs 11 oz (80 %)
Weight @ 12 months:   21 lbs 7 oz (30%)
Weight @ 15 months:   22 lbs 11 oz (30%)
Weight @ 21 months:   25 lbs 8.6 oz (30%)
    At least we are consistent :-)

Height @ Birth:              20.25 in long
Height @ 12 months:     29.25 in long (30%)
Height @ 15 months:     31 in long (50%)
Height @ 21 months:     34 in long (75%)
   Because he jumped so significantly in his percentile in height the R.N. had to remeasure him to verify her findings!!  It's exciting to see his boom in length. . . I was so worried he was going to be short like his momma. 

He did SO well at the pediatrician's office.  While sitting on the scale he wanted me to hold him so for a little distraction we did the game of "Where is your ___?" so that he would sit still till it was finished reading.  The nurse was throughouly impressed - as was I - at what he knows and how well my little trick worked!  As of today Austin now knows where his:
  • Head/Hair
  • Eye
  • Nose
  • Mouth/Tongue
  • Ear
  • Belly
  • Hand
  • Knee
  • Feet
  • Private area
  • we are working on Elbow

He also can identify in a book and then point out in real life where a Ball, Elmo, Tree, Door, Dog, Abby (our dog), Momma, and Daddy are!!  It's really fun to play the Elmo version of "Where's Waldo?" with him in books.  Austin spots him every time!

After being weighed and measured, we then went over his development with the Nurse Practicioner.  So far everything that Austin is doing and has yet to do it right on target.  We were a little worried with his lack of verbalization in his wants but were reassured that it's fairly common to still whine/babble more than using actual "English language"  LOL!!!

During my conversation with the NP, Austin proceeded to play and attempt to flirt with her even though she was busy talking with me - my lil man is just like his daddy.  Always a flirt! 

Austin did however get two immunizations (Hib #4 & Hep A #2) and we declined the flu vaccine.  It was a lot harder this time around because he knew what was happening and the poor guy was grumpy all day long afterwards.  :-/ 

Overall it was a wonderful checkup and I'm shocked - as well as a little saddened - that we don't have to do another checkup until Austin turns THREE!  -- wowzers! --

I didn't take any pictures at the actual checkup - bad I know! - but it would be a shame to write a post without pictures so here are a few over the last few days.  Enjoy!

Helping Momma and Grammie put up the Christmas decorations

LOL  I know it's a little dark but this was hilarious.  Austin was sent to time out after touching the tree and grabbing the "balls" (aka ornaments).  This was timeout #5 within a 20 min time span! 

This lil guy is strong willed - but we prevailed.  Oh and the pediatrician DID tell me that the "battle of the wills" will just get worse. . . great!!  Something to look forward to. . . 

"playing" Uno on Thanksgiving

Watching Thomas the Train DVD compliments of Fancy & Monkey Boy Wonder!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

21 months and flying by!

Austin Ealy Bradshaw
Born: February 27, 2009

(please ignore the drool LOL!!)

I can't believe Austin is already 21 months old (on Friday)!  It feels like just yesterday when we were planning his first birthday and waiting for him to walk on his own. . .  Guess time really does fly by when you're having fun (and being a parent).  The older Austin gets the more I LOVE this age!!  Everyday he's learning something new or has discovered an alternative way of doing something.  His expressions are classic and he's constantly making everyone around him laugh out loud.  He's our little lovable, sweet comedian!!  He is constantly learning new words and will repeat them when He wants to so we are really starting to watch what we say.  We're also starting to watch how we act because he'll mimic that as well.  It's like having a parent around - gotta watch what I do at ALL times LOL!

In the past three weeks his development has really blossomed.  Everyday we are all so proud of what he has learned to do that day.  He constantly blows us away with his knowledge.  For example, Scott and I have been working on his body parts for months (and months and months - you get the drift) and it didn't seem like it was really sinking in - Austin wouldn't repeat or even mimic the words.  Well one day while playing he walked up to me and he showed me where his: hand, eye, ear, nose, mouth, tongue, hair/head, knee, feet, belly were.  I was so stunned. . . and was laughing a little because that's JUST like Austin.  He observes and observes and when he finally does something he does it perfectly!   He has also learned that when momma or daddy give him a toy (lets say ABC Elmo for instance) at a store to occupy him, when we get to the checkout it's best to put it on the conveyer belt and HOLD ON TO IT until the cashier takes it . . . because if you let go it might not end up home LOL!!!  Usually we'll hand it to the cashier OR we'll tag team and one parent will sneak it away and put it back while the other does the distraction.  NOT anymore. . . He held on tight to that thing throughout the WHOLE STORE and even snuck it on the conveyer belt own his own.  What a smart young man!

He's loving Preschool, loves playing with his cousin Trista who is 2 months older than him and loves helping burp his newest cousin Trevor who was born Nov. 2nd.  He's a great helper and a very sweet sole!  He of course is entering that "terrible two" stage and is just like his momma & daddy - stubborn - but we all know that it'll pass. . . one day. . . LOL  It's the grin he gives you when he knows he's being bad that gets us.  Who could be mad at that?! 

Scott and I are so proud at what he's accomplished in his little life. He brightens everyone's day when he's around!

I know this post is early but I'll be shopping and putting up our Christmas decorations on his actual 21st birthday milestone.  What a day to celebrate with lights and things to play with LOL 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Breast Cancer 3-Day: Day 3

After walking 20+ miles on Day One, being sent home on Day 2, I'm happy to say. . .

A 3-Day Crew Member handing me the Route Card for Day Three!

I couldn't express how excited I was to finally get back to camp on the evening of day 2.  I could have just waited till the morning of Day 3 to get to camp and sleep in my own bed, but I wanted to be with my mom and teammates and 'rough it' together!!  I wanted to be apart of it all and I hated that I was missing out on it all.  Many friends and family members said that I already did the hard work - the fundraising - but I was still upset.  I'm so glad I went above my fundraising goal - all thanks to my wonderful donors - and raised more than $2,500 towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer, but I wanted to walk darn it!!  That just shows how amazing this experience was - I gave up being at home with my husband and son, my own flushing toliet (LOL) and my pillow-top bed to sleep outside in a tent with port-a-potties to get up and walk all day long!!

This was mom and I on the start of day 3 while in line for a bus at 6:15am.  This is what we look like after camping in a tent, without makeup and electricity, and exhausted (LOL).  Due to the locaton of where we were camping (Brookhaven Community College) and where they wanted us to finish for the day (Fair Park), we hopped on a shuttle bus to get us to Pit Stop #1 (aka Mile #1).

Our final day together: Creekside Cares team:
(L-R) Lori, Khristy, Melissa, me, Courtney, Rakel, and my mom)

Our wonderful feet that took us 40 miles already (well, 20+ for me :-/ )
This is at the start of Day 3!

I'm getting scanned in before we start walking on Day 3. 
We were scanned daily at the start and finish of the walk to keep track of every walker.

After arriving to Pit Stop #1 (aka: Mile Marker 1), getting scanned/checked in, we were off for our final day of walking.  It was kind of surreal that the last day was FINALLY here.  We all have been talking about this since January and today was the final day. . .  It was a bittersweet moment.  You could tell everyone was hyped up today.  No, let me rephrase that - you could tell everyone was delirious with exhaustion, extra enthusiastic for being apart of something so special and beyond excited that we've made it to our last day of walking!!! 

As it was the past few days, today we were given another Beautiful day to walk (I actually packed shorts to change into after lunch it was so warm).  As I was walking with some of my teammates and listening to my music, I was thinking that today was going by a lot faster than the other days.  When I mentioned it to them, they all said the same thing.  I guess when you finally see the "light at the end of the tunnel" everything is managable!  LOL

Walking on Day 3. See that pink oblong thing -- the best $9.99 spent ever!!
That small thing was my Ipod Speakers and played great upbeat music the whole day!

During our walk one of our "cheerleaders" drove by and we think she deserves the title of "Best Car Decoration".  I just have to give the owner of this car some credit, I'm not sure how long it took her to deck her car out and decorate all those bras but we ALL were thankful for her (and everyone who cheered us along!)

Although the day was going by fast and we were making great timing, my legs were getting tired and my left knee was screaming at me to quit walking on funky sidewalks! Here are some various pictures of our final day.

This sign was so glorious to see, we just HAD to take a picture with it!  Holding was where we'd gather until the very last walker had arrived.  Once the final walker entered, we'd all link arms and walk towards the Closing Ceramonies which took place at Fair Park! 

Rakel, Khristy and I kissing the beautiful sign!!

Almost there -- really!!!

When we passed this woman we KNEW we've made it!!!!!!  However, that last 1/2 mile was a killer - it felt more like 5 miles!!

This is what we saw for the last 1/4 of a mile into the Holding Area!!!  It was so uplifting so see so many people cheering you along and making you forget about all your aches and pains!!

Here are some pictures of my team and I during the holding area.  Khristy, Rakel and I made it into Holding around 2:30 (? can't remember exactly) and we stayed in holding until 4pm when our final 3-Day walker arrived and they gave us further information.

Once we left holding area we had to walk (MORE?!?!) to where the Closing Ceremonies would be held.  It was only a short trek, but along the way we passed our family and friends that came to cheer us along.  We even were cheered by our Breast Cancer 3-Day Medical team, Safety Member and Crew.  I don't know what everyone else thought but I thought they deserved JUST as much appreciation as the people walking!!!

Closing Ceremonies was very emotional.  They talked about why the Breast Cancer 3-Day was such an important thing to be apart of.  The DFW Breast Cancer 3-Day - alone - raised MORE THAN 7.5 MILLION DOLLARS towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's to all the men and women fighting this battle daily and to those who have fought it in the past.

We salute you!!!

I'm Gonna Keep On Walkin'


Just one of the many reasons why I am walking the Breast Cancer 3-Day and why I will be doing it again in 2010!!!!!!!
(so keep that in mind when I ask you for a donation around early summer LOL!!!!)

As I said in a previous post, we came across some funny sights and signs along the way to keep us motivated.  Not only did it get us energized, but it also distracted us from the pain we felt in our lower extremities!  :-)  As one fellow walker said - as well as a sign -

so that was enough to keep us moving!!!

Every few miles there were little signs posted along street poles with riddles about Cows.  My personal favorite: 
(sign 1) "What do you call a cow that just had a baby?" 
 (sign 2 a little farther down the path) "De-calf-inated!!!"  LOL!!!!!

We saw this group of ladies at the start of the walk and boy did it scare us a little. . Our soles and legs had yet to learn the heartache of what 60 miles in 3 days truly means. . .

It was rather fitting however that we saw her again on Day 3.  I love the humor these women had!!!  It was men and women like this who made each step manageable!  Without their spirit, humor and enthusiasm I don't think I would have made it.  They reminded me that it's vital to have a huge support system and some comedic relief nearby when you face heartache, like being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

We also had numerous Pump It Up Vans that would cheer us on along the route blasting music from their vans.  Here are just a few of them:

My favorite:

Of course, with 2,900 people walking there WILL be various shirts seen.  Some were the generic Breast Cancer 3-day shirts but there were also some very creative ones.  Here are a few creative shirts that I saw along my journey:

Just one shirt out of thousands that had a trail of names she was honoring.  It's heartbreaking to visually see how many lives have been affected by Breast Cancer

These women had their cup sizes on the back of their shirts.
 As the saying goes, "Big and Small, Gotta Save them ALL!!!!"

For the men in my life, thought you'd get a kick out of these shirts!

There were also quite a few guys who dressed up to showed that "Real Men DO Wear Pink!!!":

This gentleman in particular has walked ALL of the Breast Cancer 3-Day's THIS YEAR.  Unfortunately I didn't get to hear his story but it shows the determination people have to do what it takes to make our future one without Breast Cancer!!! 

This man has such a huge heart and I can only imagine the shape his feet are in, but as the balloon's proclaim:

And of course I still have LOADS more to blog about for the 3-day.  I'll get to it . . . I PROMISE YOU THAT!!!    There's just so much to say and there was so much to see I'm still trying to catagorize it all LOL

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 2: The ref says. . . YOU'RE OUT!!!!!

By the time I arrived at camp Friday afternoon (roughly around 3:15pm) after walking 20+ miles in 8 hrs, including stopping at the "urination stations" and lunch, I was tired.  My legs felt like they weighed 20 lbs each and I sounded like a man (aka I was hoarse).  I decided to shower/relax, prop my feet up - which shockingly enough didn't hurt, rest my legs so my calves would stop cussing at me, and enjoy the fact that I completed day one of the Breast Cancer 3-day.  However, by 6:30pm my hoarseness got worse, even after 2 steamy cups of decaffinated tea.  I started to have pain in my chest during inspiration (breathing) so I decided to go the the medical tent.  There they listened to me, took my vitals and couldn't figure out what was up.  My lungs were clear but they went ahead and gave me two puffs of Albuteral just in case - which didn't make it better - and some prevacid to coat things.  My temp was high, of course since I downed 2 cups of hot tea less than 5 min ago and they were threatening to send me home for good.  I was sweetly reminding them of the tea and asked if they wouldn't mind taking it after 10 min or more.  The 3-Day policy states if you have a fever of 100.4 or greater you are sent home immediately and aren't allowed to return.  My "temp" was 100.3.  Ten minutes later it was normal at 98.3 degrees, therefore after the meds I was sent back to camp. 

At about 12:30am I needed to pee.  Mom was awake having the same issue - staying in the warmth of our sleeping bags vs. going out in the wind/cool air to pee in a porta-potty.  However our bladders overroad any logic (lol) and off we trecked to pee in the dark.  I felt fine - still hoarse - but my breathing wasn't uncomfortable so after urinating (TMI I know!) we settled back into our tent.  Once inside I sucked on a cough drop and then it started.  About 5 min later, I started to feel quesy. . . Not sure if it was the cold air that did it or the empty stomach with the mentholated/sugary cough drop but this momma was feeling ill. :-(  There was no where to put my "contents" except a ziploc baggy so I went to the Medical tent to see if they could take my temp to make sure I wasn't coming down with something.  Once there I had to wake the Doctor and Nurse who were sleeping in the Medical tent with the other 'fallen' walkers.  They took my temp (97.9) but I started shaking from being too cold and then it snowballed.  I started dry-heaving.  Once they saw that they gathered my info and called Scott, who was 1 hr away.  At this time it was roughly 2:15am.

While waiting for Scott to pick me up - Austin was sleeping soundly at the casa thanks to Grammie who woke up, drove 10 min and stayed at our house! - I was given immodium and a warming blanket.  I kept on feeling nauseous so in typical Tanya fashion I tried to "force vomit" because once I throw up I'm Good To Go!!  However, I wish I knew what I know now. . . that if you vomit YOU ARE OUT!!!!  :( :( :( :(  Silly me should've just stayed in the tent. :-/ 

When I awoke at 7:15am in my own bed I felt great - still hoarse - but no upset stomach and no achy legs.  I was good to go, but they still wouldn't let me walk.  I had to miss out on 20 more miles and a whole days' worth of walking for a great cause.  I was able to return that afternoon/early evening but was thoroughly bummed!!! 
While waiting to get my WHITE Creditial badge back, I came across this medic and nurse.  We saw MANY men supporting the cause for Breast Cancer in comidic fashion!

The only postivite note was that I was able to cheer along my fellow teammates as they crossed the finish line to complete day 2 of walking!!!

(Lori, My mom, Me, Khristy, Rakel, Carolyn & Melissa at the end of Day 2)