Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We're going to the WORLD SERIES!

Our beloved Rangers are now the ALCS Champions & headed to the World Series! 

They have come together as a team and worked so hard to get where they are at. . . 
And their #1 Fan is cheering them on every step of the way 
Austin was especially hyped up after the nail-biting ending when Nelly Cruz made a grand slam in the 11th inning to win one of the championship games
Running to the home plate

Cheering along Nelly Cruz so that they can all jump up and down with excitement!

"We've got this!" 

Game 1 is tonight @ 7:05

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cookies & Firetrucks!

Last week our moms group had our twice a year visit to the Mansfield Fire Station #1.  These firemen have been so generous to host this event with 15+ kids running around and we are so thankful!  I'm excited I was actually off of work that day so we could go.  There were so many moms/kids that wanted to come that our organizer had to divide us up into 2 different days! 

As a thank you, we bring something for them to show our appreciation.  Austin and I made Brownie Crackle Cookies the night before.  They are so delish and super easy to make!
1)  Start with Brownie mix
 2) Pour in 1 cup of flour
 3) Add 1/2 cup water, 1 egg, and 1/4 cup of veg. oil & MIX well
 4) Mix in 1 cup of semisweet chocolate chip cookies
5) Refrain from eating the yummy mix before cooking  :-)
 Yea, I caught you!
6) Place powdered sugar in bowl and drop dough by tablespoons. Roll to coat 
7) Place on cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes 
8) Remove to wire racks to cool

Then on the following day, we headed over to Mansfield's Fire Station #1 and waited on our group.  Since we were in the 2nd group, I was assigned to be the host so we needed to be there early to greet all the moms/kids.  Once everyone arrived, we were taken on the tour.

His FAV. spot on the fire engine!

One of the moms told me to try on the jacket after we commented on how heavy the helmet was.  The fireman mentioned I should put it all on - breathing pack and all!  WOW!   HEAVY!!! 
However, I think Austin was V-E-R-Y embarrassed!  He backed up and wouldn't look me in the eye.  LOL  Afterwards he said I was momma NOT a fireman.  :-) 
Getting his hononary fireman helmet 

We can't wait again for spring when we go again!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Tex says, "Howdy, Folks!"

Last Sunday, Carolyn, Scott, Austin and I headed to Fair Park to the annual State Fair.  This was our first year that we went on opening weekend and we couldn't have picked a better day!  It was great - the weather was cool (low to mid 80's), breezy at times and the fairgrounds weren't crowded at all!  It was actually pretty shocking at how empty it was.  Apparently opening weekend is notorious (besides opening day, of course) for being the slower out of all the weekends.  SCORE!

We did our annual treck of a Fletchers corndog, cars, German food, and then the pavillions (see this post HERE about what we did there), but we stopped longer at the midway and actually played games.  Austin was having a blast.  Not only is he a great baseball player (just sayin'), but he's pretty good at shooting hoops!

I wish I got this on video, but I really didn't think it would happen. . . heck, no one did.  At one of the midway booths the object of the game was to throw a baseball at a plate and break it.  Scott tried & missed (he was just throwing, not trying his best ;) ).  Austin tried and broke the plate!  I mean, we know he's good, but we didn't think he'd have such a presise aim.   I SO wish I had that on video.  It was amazing, even the booth vendor was stunned. 

Inside one of the Cars pavillions we came across this truck.  It was so emotional. . . didn't help that they were playing the Pipes through the speakers 

We met up with Elsie again: 
and then headed to the petting zoo.  This was our first year at the fair's petting zoo. 
That little one kept trying to take Austin's cup LOL! 
"It tickles" 
Daddy helping

We also did our annual trip to the Little Hands on the Farm area.  Austin always has fun and it's amazing to see the changes here from year to year.  This year he followed directions well by the staff and didn't need much help at all.  He's growing up so fast! 

One the way out, we stopped by a few fun houses.  Austin loved them and Scott and I enjoyed seeing his face light up.  We all had a blast laughing and having fun! 

Of course, Chevy (smart!) had an area for the kids to play ball.  Austin didn't want to leave - we practically had to pry him away!!  We can't wait to get him into T-Ball in the spring.  Hopefully he continues to love the game.

Tickets to the state fair: $16 for one adult, $12 for a child
One coupon: 0.50 cents
Seeing your son pass out cold on the way home, drool and all: Priceless!