Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

This year felt like a different sort of Christmas for the Bradshaw family as we were missing someone we loved.  Patrick's passing and thus our first Christmas without him with us sharing it felt a little odd.  It was a joyful day to celebrate Jesus' birth and his life, yet we were saddened that we couldn't share this day - and everyday - with Patrick.  Carolyn, Scott and I have done a pretty good job at keeping ourselves busy since December 13th and I have to admit preparing for the holiday - with a child around- is truly the one thing that kept us sane!!  We did our best to keep this Christmas holiday like any other, because that's what Patrick would want us to do AND that's the only way to move forward.   So here's what happened:

Christmas Eve evening Austin opened his "Christmas PJ's" (our new tradition) & took pictures by the tree.

Christmas Eve night Carolyn spent the night since we wanted her to wake up with family and not alone :(   Good thing since this was the 2nd time we were due to have icy conditions - shocking.  To date (12/30/09) we've had THREE days of snowfall and ice and that's a rarity - especially in Texas!!  Anyways - getting back on track - Carolyn was nice enough to let us open our Christmas present. . . the Wii!!!  I didn't take much pictures since we were so busy playing with it but here is one of Carolyn doing the Ski Jump.  **She should be thankful I didn't post the video of her doing the Hula Hoop  LOL!!**

Here are more pictures taken on Christmas Eve:
Table is set already for Christmas Day Dinner

Winter/Icy Christmas!!

My Favorite!!!

Reminds me of the picture we took of him LAST year:  Just makes me realize how fast this year has gone!

On Christmas Day I woke up extra early to get the crockpotS started ( @ 4:15am) and had a hard time falling back asleep.  Guess it was the anticipation of what's to come, the excitement of the White Christmas we were having and the fact that I needed to get up in 2 hrs to be dressed.  I finally awoke at 6 where I showered then got the coffee and breakfast ready to consume :-) Scott, Carolyn and I were up and awaiting the little boy to wake up.  On this day he chose to sleep in (aka: sleep till 8:15am) and then we got our cameras ready! 

Merry Christmas Austin!

As he runs towards what Santa left him he cries out, "OHHHH!!!"

This is what Santa left Austin! Apparently he was a good little boy!!!!

After Austin played with his Santa gifts and we all enjoyed breakfast we relaxed till my parents and Travis and Christa arrived (in addition to Trista and 7 week old Trevor)

Once the rest of the family arrived, and Austin did another 'wardrobe change' we commensed to the "Open-Present-palooza!"  It was so cute watching Austin and Trista help each other in opening presents.  It's so great that Austin has a cousin who lives close and is only 2 months older than him.  Trista will turn TWO in 3 days and Austin will turn two shortly thereafter :tear:  It goes by too fast!

Of course we went crazy with the picture taking, as we do for everything and anything!  So here are more pictures of our Christmas day.  There really isn't any explaniation needed.  After we opened presents and before lunch the adults played Wii while the kids played.  After our yummy lunch of Chuck Roast with all it's fixin's Austin and Trista took naps while the adults. . .played. . . more Wii   LOL!!
Travis, Christa, Trista and Trevor

Nonna (Mom/Margo) and Grammie (Carolyn)

my parents

I LOL at this picture.  We didn't plan to open them at the same time but we did!  LOL  So it was meant to be a photo opt.  Bath/relaxation stuff from Christa

Guess Austin was getting tired of opening presents. . .  who does that?!?! 

He LOVES his "ABC Elmo"

Trevor Paul Lutz's 1st Christmas (7 weeks here)

I'm thinking she loved her present. . . no?!?!  :-)  I did good!

Trista's new kitchen

Nonna with her newest grandbaby

My Family

closer. . .  hehe  (Notice the Wii controller in Scott's hand. LOL!)

The Bradshaw/Lutz clan!!! 

The cousins!
Austin: 22 months, Trista: almost 2 yrs, & Trevor 7 weeks

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blows my mind. . . it's been ONE year already!

As I was getting ready for Christmas and all it's festivities I was looking over the pictures of LAST Christmas.  WOW what a difference a year makes :tear:  Here are some of my favorite pictures of Christmas 2008.  Enjoy!
At the Christmas Church Program

Austin: only 10 Months Old!

Excited about his ride-on Rockin' Dinosaur

Grammie and BaBa with Austin (and the Build-A-Bear)

Our First Christmas together as a Family of 3

Nonna and Grammie

BaBa reading a book to Austin

Everytime I see this picture and the pictures following it I literally Laugh Out Loud!!  They both weren't walking and it was a mess!  Getting TWO babies under the age of 1 to look at the SAME camera was nuts :-)
Trista ( a few days shy of turning 1) & Austin (10 months)

"hmmm. . . That voice sounds awfully familiar!!??"

One of my favorites!

Poppa with Trista and Austin on Christmas Eve

Always the comedian!! 

Nonna with Trista and Austin


Can't wait for the pictures and memories we make THIS year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Honoring our beloved: Patrick Ealy Bradshaw

The Memorial Service for my Father-in-Law, Patrick, will be held at the Wayne Boze Funeral Home at 9:00am on MONDAY, December 21st. (it's not until another week due the availabilty of the cemetery)

After the service we will all proceed to the DFW National Cemetery where Patrick will be buried in honor of the service that he gave OUR country for 22 Years! That will be held at 11:30am.

There will also be a viewing Sunday evening, December 20th at Wayne Boze Funeral Home from 6-8pm for those that want to come celebrate the man that Patrick was and share with those your best memories of him! Lets celebrate the Godly life he led!

Thank you to all my wonderful family and friends for supporting him and my whole family during this long battle! It's been a hard fight but we know he's at peace now, singing while in the Lord's arms! God Bless!

~With our love,
Carolyn, Scott, Tanya
& Austin Bradshaw

Wayne Boze Funeral Home
1826 West Highway 287 Business
Waxahachie, TX 75165
(972) 923-2700

***In lieu of flowers we ask that you make a donation to the Multiple Myeloma Foundation:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Austin Meets Santa!!

This picture is extra special to us.  It's special because Patrick, Austin's BaBa (Grandpa), has played Santa Claus for many many years!  He's been the Church Santa as well as for various events such as the Gryphon Motorcycle Club Toy Run's Santa.

Austin is such a lucky little boy to get an upclose and personal visit from Santa Claus every Christmas.  This year we took "Santa" and Austin to get professional pictures taken - what other boy is as lucky as Austin to have Santa anytime he wants!?!?   :-)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Show Us Your Life: Your Christmas Tree

 For a few months now I've been "blog stalking" Kelly's Korner and have never participated in the "Show Us Your Life" blogs. . . Until this week!!  This week she is asking everyone to share their Christmas trees.  Here is a picture of our Christmas tree:

We've had this 'stylish' tree for 7 years now all thanks to my Mother-in-law who used to work at a Christmas Store!!  I've always had a tree with random ornaments on it and so a tree this gorgeous feels so special and makes me feel like I'm in a model home everytime I walk by it!  It's a special tradition we know have with her that the day after Thanksgiving she comes over and helps us put it up and add the decorations.  Scott unloads all of the boxes from the attic while my Carolyn, my MIL, and I fluff the tree and then sort out all of the ornaments.  We then put on some Christmas music and go at it!  Except this year, with Austin very much mobile and active we had to put a Thomas the Train DVD in instead! 

We've also accumulated ornaments throughout the past few years that are special to Scott, Austin and I.  So this year we bought another tree that goes ontop of Austin's dresser.

We have only a few ornaments on there but it'll fill up over the years!! So far we have:
  - 10 ornaments - from my Aunt Melody and Uncle Brent - that are from a German Tradition that new couples are to have on their tree for Marital happiness.
  - 1 ornament from my Aunt Sandra and Uncle Mark that they bought the personalized with the year we got married. 
  - 1 Momma Bear Pregnant with a "Baby" t-shirt.
  - 1 Precious Moments "Baby's First Christmas 2008" ornament
  - 1 Elmo ornament for Austin this year
  - 1 ornament from a Sandbox Momma
  - 2 ornaments from a Secret Sandbox Baby ornament 2009 exchange from Arizona
  - 1 ornament from a Secret Sandbox Baby ornament 2008 exchange from Utah

I love Christmas and the joy that goes along with it!  I can't wait to share our traditions with our son throughout the years and to see Christmas through a child's eyes again!!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Snowing!!

I didn't believe the weathermen when they told us that there was a *possibility* of snow in our forcast.  Why?  Because they are always wrong and Texans don't get snow, we get ICE and plenty of it!  If it does snow it's only for a day - if that - and it usually doesnot arrive until January.  However, today it was indeed snowing! 

When I woke up at 7:45 and was opening up the miniblinds I noticed some flurries mixed in with the rain.  I quickly ran to Scott to tell him it was raining and snowing a bit.  He didn't believe me but after another 20 min the rain went away and it was full fledge snowing out!!  It wasn't sticking since the temperature was 34 degrees but hey - we'll take what we can get right?!?! 

I was extremely giddy!  Scott kept looking at me like I'd lost it and over our breakfast I was pointing out the snow to Austin.  He kept saying, "Wow!" and then "Mow" (aka: Snow)  :-)  During breakfast Scott and I decided that we were going to take Austin out just to play at bit in the snow even if it wasn't sticking to the ground.  I wanted him to at least experience it even if it was in the air only - and it's his first experience with snow - you can't keep him inside just because it wasn't gathering up on the ground!! 

So after breakfast we bundled him up and out we went.  He was a hoot smiling and going "Weeeeee!" while spinning.  It was cold and wet since we didn't have proper shoes but my little Rudolf was enjoying himself!

The longer we were out there the harder it was coming down.  I'm so glad Austin's jacket from last year still fit him so at least he was warm in his core.  After playing for about 30 min I asked if he wanted to go insde where he quickly shook his head and said, "NO"  LOL!!  I don't blame him it was fun!

Of course in typical Texas fashion it didn't last long, by the end of the hour it had stopped snowing and was back to raining.  By noon it was cloudy with sun peaking through the clouds!  The weathermen, who were right - shocking huh?! - are saying that it's suppose to be worse later on this week.  Guess we'll see!