Saturday, January 5, 2013

You still there?

Hi Everyone!  Is anyone still around? 

I'm so embarrased that I haven't written/updated our family blog in over a YEAR!  (I just realized it's been a year to the day!)  It is a pathetic excuse to use that we've been busy, but we have.   Although, who isn't!?!  I keep thinking about the family blog yet never take the time to get on here to write because I'm so far behind in posts, so I don't. 

Honestly, the main reason I love blogging is so that I can go back and look on what our family did over the years, but the cliche of "life got in the way" did in fact. .  get in the way.

That is going to stop now.

I love clicking through the years and seeing all of our family activities and Austin growing up, so in the next couple of days, I will do a quick snapshot of 2012.  Then I'll hope to keep everyone updated on our lives.