Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yesterday, Scott, Austin and I headed out to Grapevine Mills Mall to get out of the rain (GASP!!  Yes, it WAS raining and 'only' 89 degrees!)  We had a great relaxing day and found out that Build-A-Bear Workshop was having a great sale.  Any bear + any accessories + any shoes were only $29.99 whereas if we did it any other time, it would be well over $50.00!  SCORE!

Austin picked out a Doggie that he wanted. . .
Picked out and heart and gave it a good kiss. . .
Then placed the heart inside his B.A.B. 
Started the stuffing process! 
Testing out their work.  Is it cuddly enough?  I think so!
A good bath afterwards to clean up "Baseball"
 (the name Austin chose for his Build-A-Bear Doggie)
Time to get dressed!  Picking out accessories.  Lucky for us, they had a Texas Rangers outfit.  Whew!
Daddy helping Austin get "Baseball" dressed 

Momma helping Austin fill out "Baseball"'s birth certificate 
He insisted on carrying "Baseball"'s house himself

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Southwind Bikers, Mr. Awesome & President G.W. Bush!

Yes, that's right, check this out!!

Scott, Brad K, Paul G, Lonnie G, PRESIDENT GW BUSH, Lisa R, Richard R, Randy R & Donnie C

On Sunday, Scott and the rest of the Southwind church's mountain bikers met President G. W. Bush at Cedar Hill State Park  What a great moment!  I can't believe it and was sad since I was going to 'try' it out that day.  If I did, I would've been in this picture.  DARN!  HaHa 

I was told that President GW Bush is extremely friendly and offered a picture with them -- sidebar: GW is "friends/aquaintances" with our Preacher, Lonnie, since Lonnie cleans/picks up the trails at CHSP.  GW offered to take a picture & insisted on meeting everyone personally as well as grab his Texas Rangers baseball cap!  SO COOL!

Scott is STILL referring to himself as "Mr. Awesome", so if you see him.  Please for my sake and yours, call him that :-)

Baseball & the Circus

On Sunday, my parents took Austin and Trista to the circus.  This was the Ringling Brother's Barnum200 tour and I know the kids were excited to go, and I'm sure the Grandparents were too! 

We met up with my mom before church so that she could pick up Austin.  He knew he was going to the circus, but all he cared about at that moment was where Trista was.  I love that he adores his cousin.  It's Trista this and Trista that.  So cute. . .  I don't know much about what happened at the circus besides there being elephants that squirt water (thanks to a reenactment by Austin) and dragons (thanks to Trista when asked what she saw.) as well as Lions, Tigers and acrobats.  So here are a few pictures of their time with their grandparents.  Thank you, Poppa & Nonna for taking Austin to the circus.  He LOVES his sword and is just like Nonna, his favorite animal is the Elephant!

****  My parents actually have the circus pictures on their camera.  I'll get them and post on Tuesday :-)

Since Austin was going to be with my parents, we decided to make it a date night!  Low and behold I saw that a friend was opening up a "bid" on 2 lower level Rangers game tickets + parking pass for that same night on her facebook page. They claimed that they were "heat wusses" and didn't want to go so that whoever wanted to bid (money would go towards her Susan G. Komen 3day fundraising) then they'd get it.  We bid and WON!!!  Scott and I were pumped.  Never before have we sat in that section and we probably won't ever.  It was awesome seats and I wish that they could be "heat wusses" every week.  We were able to see all the players as well as hear the sound of the ball entering the glove(s).  It was great!  It was a tad depressing though that we were in these fabulous seats and loosing 0-3, but it turned around in the 8th inning.  We scored 5 runs in that inning to make us win 5-3!!  WHOOOT WHOOOOT! 
Our seats! 
Josh Hamilton! 

We enjoyed our date night and just able to relax and be with each other without having to have a child around.  It's so nice to have those every once in a while.  It was apparent that we loved having Nonna & Poppa watch Austin because the next day we didnt' wake up until 10AM!  CrAzY  I can't tell you the last time we slept in that late.  Thank you, Mom & Dad!  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Grateful for friends

A while back I went up to my old workplace to visit with some of my friends.  I miss them and miss getting to see them daily or weekly, whatever the case may be, so this trip was nice.  One of my dear friends, Linda, was so thoughtful and generous to get a gift for Austin.  She said she saw this apron at Williams and Sonoma and instantly thought of him.  This is what she got Austin & it's perfect  She knows how much he loves CARS and how I *try* to have him help me in the kitchen.  What a great gift!  THANKS LINDA XOX

Modeling his new gifts at my old workplace's breakroom.
New Apron & new Spatula 
He insisted on wearing it in the car on our way to COSTCO 
The moment we arrived home, he pulled up his chair to prep for cooking  LOL 
Of course Daddy (AKA Green Lantern) & Austin needed to put their aprons on 
Having a blast cooking 

Unexpected gifts are so sweet! 

Scott: A motivational speaker?

Our church has a few people who get together and form an outside band called Hidden Road.  Scott is their 'agent' and finds gigs for them.  They've performed at The Lighthouse in Midlothian as well as at Walnut Ridge's Celebrate Recovery meetings.  Well on Friday, Scott spoke at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church for their Singles Night as well as the band, Hidden Road, performing. 

It was amazing!  The band was phenomenal (!!) - they always are, but their sound system is out-of-this-world fantastic and Scott was SO great!  I was so proud of him (and nervous).  He was so uplifting and encouraged everyone to truly LOVE like Christians are suppose to love without reservation.  It was exciting to see him speak.  I'm thankful I was actually off to be there.  I still can't believe that that was MY husband on that stage :-)  I was SO stinking proud!!!

Hopefully soon I can get a video copy of it to share.  Until then, here are a few pictures.


Ballpark Tour & Baseball Game

On Wednesday (two weeks ago), Scott, Austin, Carolyn and I headed out to the Texas Rangers baseball game.  It was a H-O-T day (high of 108!) and so dry.  Scott would joke that it felt like we were sitting/standing in front of a hair dryer - really!  It was a long game and shockingly after the 5th inning, Austin said he was "all done".  We knew that meant he was hot and over it.  To his defense it was hot and . .  felt like it went on forever.  I'm sure the players were tired and miserable and ultimately we lost :( Here are the pictures of that day:

One FANTASTIC thing happened at the game... really before.  We always arrive around 5:15/5:30 so that Austin can walk around/tire out/play baseball in their kids area.  Prior to getting there we walked down to where the pitcher, Derek Holland, was warming up.  Austin yelled out, "STRIKE!!!" right after he threw a ball and Holland turned around to see Austin, chuckled and then the pitching coach gave Austin that ball!  How amazing was that!  Too bad we didn't have it on video! :(  Bummed.  I always have it out, yet didn't expect Austin to scream that and for the Rangers to do this.  I just wish there was a easy way to let the Rangers know how Austin is such a fanatic and that Josh Hamilton is his idol.  He loves that guy! 

Then on the following Monday, I hosted a Ballpark in Arlington tour for the kids (and moms) who are baseball fans.  I purposely scheduled this day because it was NOT a game day at the ballpark and therefore we were going to have access to their locker rooms.  That was NOT the case, however.  We were so bummed.  Austin didn't care, but I knew he'd get excited if we were to show him where his idol, Josh Hamilton, kept his baseball gear.  :-(

Scott and Carolyn came with us and we all had a great, yet HOT, time.  This was Carolyn's first time on the tour so I'm sure she enjoyed being 'behind the scenes'. 

we see a different quote everytime we come.  Low and behold, JOSH HAMILTON writes one daily.  I KNEW we liked him for a reason :-) 
Austin sneaking on and putting their practice helmet on.  shhhh! 
LOVE THIS!  I hope he goes after his dream of being a baseball player