Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gaylord's ICE!: Charlie Brown style

To start the holiday break off right, Carolyn, Scott, Austin and I loaded up after Scott's classes and headed north to the Gaylord Resort.  Every year they hold an Ice exhibit that isn't just any ole "ice exhibit"  This place holds 2 million pounds of ice and is carved to the detail!  This was the first year we've gone and it was AHHHmazing! 

Gearing up! 
Such detail 
Everything here is Ice, but Linus' blanket - WOW 
Inside it was 7-9 degrees!  brrrrrr 

After the ICE! exhibit and lunch, we headed over to go on an Elf Adventure!  I was leary at first and didn't want to go since the sign said that there was optical illusions and possible chances of dizziness.  I get dizzy easily and the optical illusions make me nauseous but they made me go LOL  Glad I did - it was only a small part of it and I'm glad that went, Austin had a great time!
Putting the gumdrops and chocolate chips back on the conveyer belt for the Elfs' to make cookies
Watching REAL cookies bake (although the oven was fake) 
Said, "Hi Charlie Brown!"  Because of the ICE! exhibit my son now knows who C.B. is :-) 

Our start of the holiday season was a success.  Do you know how we know this?  Just take a look at this picture and see for yourself!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Potty Time!

***DISCLAIMER: If you're a mom, a parent or someone who loves/works with children this blog wouldn't offend you NOR would you find it to be TMI.  If you don't want to hear about MY child's potty training stories. . . well, bug off!  LOL

Now, I'll begin:

A few weeks ago, I purchased Austin some CARS underwear for the intention of thinking he'd be more apt to wear those instead of regular white (or another color) underwear.  We really haven't been pushing the issue.  I mean he's only 2 1/2 (he'll turn 3 February 27th) and I KNOW he'll be potty trained before he's 5 LOL 

We bought a seat - CARS one . . . . duh! - that goes on the toliet and a step stool a few months ago just to get him familiar with it.  Randomly we'd put him on it.  Maybe a minute here and then not again until a few weeks later. . . yea, very very inconsistent.  BUT again, we weren't really pushing the issue.  We're all about having HIM take the lead and show us when he's ready.  
Sitting on it playing puzzle :-)

For a few weeks now, Austin's been letting us know when his diaper has poo in it as well as staying dry at Preschool from 10:30 potty break (where they change his wet diaper) till the 1:30 potty break [the 12:30 break he's dry].  I'd like to try potty training Austin sometime before his third birthday, just to see how he'd do and react, so after talking with a few friends, family and researching, I decided to try the "3Day potty Training" guide a few friends reccommended.  It stated that I should dedicate 3 whole days to potty training: talking about it, doing it, and NOTHING ELSE.  Since Austin was out of school for the Thanksgiving break next week I planned on trying it then. . . guess Lil Man had other plans!

About a month ago, Austin was having 'outdoor nakey time' and went pee outside.  He was so excited and wanted to do it again.  Everytime he'd ask to go pee pee on thepotty, I'd take him where he'd try but nothing ever happened.  He was always so disappointed in himself!  He'd WANT to go, but didn't actually NEED to go.  Poor kid

About 2 weeks ago, I'd let Austin wear his CARS big boy underwear only if he asked for them (usually after he'd see them).  If he wanted to wear it - GREAT, if not, no biggie!  He'd only wear them for an hour or two tops and then we'd put the diaper back on.  As the days progressed, he'd ask for them more and more.  On Thursday of last week he wanted to wear them and NOT a diaper so I let him.  I'm (we) are trying to encourage this as much as possible.  Letting him take control.  He did great.  He even, after wearing a diaper to nap, begged to go to the potty to go pee, which he did!  Tuesday of this week (yea, while Mom and I were painting LOL) when he asked for them, I decided, "Hey why not just put the underwear on him for the whole day since we're home?  Who cares about accidents. . . they'll happen and he's so interested"  Well he had 2 accidents - obviously! - and I placed him on the potty & he actually went!  WHOO HOOOO and he was so proud!

He's been 'officially' in potty training mode since then and he's done remarkably well!  Since Tuesday he's only had 4 accidents, one being the nasty poo!  Yea, it's no fun being on the parent side of that!  LOL  Tuesday - Thursday he has gone pee pee after we've asked him, but Thursday night through today he's told US when he needs to go!  We have had ZERO accidents since Thursday at 6am! 

He's still wearing a diaper to nap, night & when we are venturing out since it's still new.  On Wednesday, when I put him down for bed at night he cried that he had to wear a diaper.  Then he started fretting that he had to go pee pee.  I kindly reminded him, that although it may be confusing, it's okay to pee in your diaper, just not to try to go pee in the big boy underwear.  He looked at me with this HUGE grin.  So funny!  After I retucked himin bed, I heard him crying out again.  I walked in and he was begging to go potty - even though he was wearing a diaper!  So I took him and he went.  I checked his diaper and he refused to go in the diaper!  :-)

Lately when he's awake wearing a diaper (when we are out of the house) he's kept his diaper dry!  It's only during nap and night time that he goes in them. . . which is perfectly fine, since I'm sure those will be the last things that get 'mastered'. . . of course, we still need to work on the POOPING in the potty.  That's only happened once. LOL

So, this is definately a TMI brag post.  Scott and I are so proud of him, as I know his Nonna, Poppa & Ammie are!  Even his cousin, Trista, was cheering him on after he went potty yesterday after our playdate!

It's exciting :-) 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving: Creek Kids Style!

Today at Austin's Preschool they had a Thanksgiving Feast.  I love when they have parties to celebrate a holiday where we can gather around and eat - preschool style!  We also were given crafts to take home that his teacher, Mrs. Shannon, put together with his help!

Here are a few pictures of the day:
Mrs. Shannon placing the Native American 'hat' on Austin 
He was excited that I was there, but when he saw daddy he literally jumped for joy! 
Daddy's currently his #1 LOL  

Being silly! 

Funny Faces:
Heading home: 

Loving with daddy:
 His Placemat that he made, with Mrs. Shannon's help of course.  Isn't it awesome!
You can't have Thankgiving without Pilgrims! Here's our Pilgrim: 

Although Thanksgiving is a week away, we wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving!!
  Gobble Gobble!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Boy Transformation!

The moment we changed Austin's crib into the toddler bed and especially now it's changed into the full-sized version, I've been waiting patiently (HAHA!) to redo and repaint his room.  I knew I wanted a color scheme that would 'grow with him' and not be temporary (ie: last only a year) so I figured I couldn't go wrong with blue.  However, I had to find "THE" blue I wanted.  A few months ago I came across a blog from the DIY Showoff where a dining room was painted Shale Grey by Behr  It was THEN that I knew I found the color I wanted for his room.  I just had to get Scott on board - someone who LOVES white walls LOL - and decide what else I wanted to do.  I knew I didn't want it all a solid color.  I wanted some variety.  I loved the stripes in the kitchen but it was H-A-R-D work.  Granted, the outcome was worth it, I just don't think I'd want to do it again. 

After getting a few sample colors - the Shale Grey in addition to others just in case - and putting them on the walls, I went back to get a shade lighter for an idea I had.  Scott, of course, loved the lighter color so I figured I'd paint the whole room that and use the darker as the coordinating stripe OR on the lower 1/3 of the wall. . . I wasn't sure.  I really liked the stripes in the kitchen so I figured why not do horizontal?!  It definately would be easier with Scott's amazing Lazer Level that's for sure!

What you see as you get near his door.  Sorry it's a bit dark :-/ 
His Bedding. . . compliments of Target!

On Sunday, I was cancelled at work, so I used that day to get a head start on painting.  I knew the job would take a minimum of 3 days to complete: 1 day to paint the base color, 1 day to let it 'cure' and put the tape up and another day to paint the stripes, so I wanted to get started!  Carolyn was kind enough to watch Austin after church so that Scott and I could tackle the base color.  We wanted to get as much done as we could so that on Monday morning, mom and I could finish the base color and prep the walls for tape.

However, we did run into a crisis of sorts as we started painting on Sunday.  This is my thought as Scott was 'cutting in' the ceiling area: "ummm. . . why is there two distinct colors on the wall when it's coming from the same paintcan?!"  DOH! 

 So he headed back to HomeDepot - happily, right Scott? LOL - to get primer so that we can put it on the already existing painted wall. What a sweet Husband!! XOXOXO
Primer + tinted with the Blue Fox Base Color 
Our Base Color: Blue Fox by Behr 
We finished up the room late that night and waiting for the paint to dry.  LOL!  I'm already loving it!  Austin started out falling asleep on Sunday night & Monday night in our bed (for the first time ever!) and then we moved him over to a make-shift bed in the playroom once he was asleep.  I'm not one who thinks it's a good idea to have my child sleep in our bed.  He never has so why start now?   He did wake up Tuesday morning in a bad mood when he realized he was no longer in "momma's cool bed" LOL 

Monday morning, after I dropped Austin off at Preschool, mom and I tackled the task of putting the tape up on the walls.  It was a little premature (was barely 14 hrs) to do so but I didn't think it needed to wait a whole 24 hrs, like I've read? 
Thanks to a tip I read online somewhere as well as a tip a sweet friend of mine sent me, I 'sealed' the tape in by painting the base color over the area that I was about to paint with the darker stripe color.  It seals it in in a way where you have very little 'bleed through'. I wasn't sure if it would work, but it DID!!  We were so excited!   
WE L-O-V-E IT!!! 

Now all I need to do is put his Pixar CARS wall decals back on the walls somewhere and get a nightstand to go next to his bed.  Then his room will officially be complete.  I love the outcome and love that it can grow with him.  All I'd have to do is change the bedding - which won't be for a long while!  So easy. 

Scott thinks he's so funny and asked me when I was going to paint the playroom since that, and I quote, "is the only room left to paint"  HAHAHAHA  funny guy but you're wrong!  I have our bedroom, our bathroom AND the playroom to paint.  hehehehe  What shall be next?  Give me a few months then I'll decide.  At least I already know what colors I want to paint the Master bathroom and the Master Bedroom!  I just need the money and energy to do so!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Play Ball!

Thanks to the Texas Rangers, my son has found a new love.  Ever since the Rangers made it to the World Series, baseball fever is strong in his veins and he is in L.O.V.E. 
Pitching in Poppa & Nonna's kitchen as one of the Playoff Games were on 
Watching a World Series game and batting alongside the team!

Now don't you worry, Pixar CARS is still his #1 love, but I'm beginning to think that Baseball and the Rangers are a close second!  Everytime a game is one - since the playoffs - Austin's glued to the T.V.  If he spots a Rangers logo and he calls out, "Lets Go Rangers! Lets Go!"  When he sees a baseball he calls out "Go Rangers"  Austin asks daily when he can watch baseball and we sadly have to tell him he has to wait till February when the season starts again. 

For his 2nd birthday we purchased a Tee Ball set for him.  He played with it a few times here and there but no real excitement. . . until he saw what the Baseball players on TV were doing.  He gets that toy out every single chance he can get and won't put it away! 

As parents, you want to support anything your child loves.  Well we try to foster Austin's interests as best we can by giving him the tools to express himself.  For example: he loves music, so we've let him bang on pots/pans, purchased a kids style piano/drum toy, had sing-a-longs, given him guitars.  He loves his CARS - and well as you all know, he knows ALL of their names and can even disect the movie from scene to scene!  And now, baseball. 

Recently, Scott purchased a toddler-sized baseball glove and soft ball at Toys-R-Us and Austin won't ever put it down!  He practically begs to sleep with it!  It's so adorable.  He spots the glove and ball in the am, grabs Daddy's glove and wants to "pay baseball"


We can't wait till this summer or next to put him into T-ball!