Thursday, August 20, 2009

Austin's FIRST Haircut

Well we did it, we got. . .


Although Austin has been sportin' the "mullet look" for quite some time, Scott and I were going to wait until closer to his first day of Preschool to make that first cut. We didn't want our little baby be a "Big Boy" just yet, but we knew it was time - that and Preschool is a pretty big deal - so we had to do it before his 1st day. It was also made apparent to us that we need to do it sooner than later when kids and adults would constantly make comments about his "Billy Ray Cyrus" mullet.

As we were looking around town for a toddler backpack - which is harder than it really should be - Scott spotted a Cool Cuts 4 Kids place and casually said, "Hey lets take Austin there today." I was initally apprehensive since we already made an appointment at my salon (& it would be free thanks to Kellie!), but was swayed by the fact that this place catered specifically to little ones. So after venturing into Toys R Us, I made a sharp turn into their parking lot. We walked right in and Austin was instantly won over by the individual TV's and cars the little ones got to sit in. As long as there was a TV and something to keep his hands occupied I knew we were good to go!

Austin did A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!!!!!!! I know all moms love to brag about their child, as they should, but wow! Even Austin's hairstylist, Tamika, was impressed constantly saying things like, "You have been blessed!', "He's amazing", "I just can't believe it - are you sure this is his first cut?!", etc... Scott and I were so proud of Austin!! He didn't squirm, fight, whine or act like he was worried --- NOT. ONE. BIT!

I was told by a few experience moms that we shouldn't expect a 'perfect' haircut but I have to disagree on this one. Austin first haircut experience was perfect and so is his new cut! We are so proud of him!!

After his haircut and the papparazi (aka Momma) were done, Scott and I took Austin to Olive Garden for a treat. After that, we came home with loads of memories, a "1st Haircut" certificate, some strands of hair in a baggy for keepsake, and one BIG BOY!!

I got my first haircut
as you can plainly see
Mom says I look handsome
And that she is proud of me
I sat so tall and proud
In that barber chair
And they even gave to Mom
A small lock of my hair
She says that she will keep it
To remind her of this day
Another milestone I’ve crossed
In my life along the way
~Poem from

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meeting with friends

Austin and I had the privilege of meeting up with some friends a few weeks ago. Since Melissa and Maya were back in the states to visit family, we decided to get together once again for another meetup. I can't believe it has been almost one FULL year since we last saw them! WOW how time sure does fly by when you're raising children!!

Last September, Melissa and her daughter, Maya, met Austin and I at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. This year, we met them at Chuck E Cheese and it was so fascinating to watch them interact (or not!) with each other now that they are older. Here are some pictures of last year's visit:

(They look SO tiny! Austin: 6 mo & Maya: 8mo )

Here are a few pictures of this year's visit:

(our favorite picture!)

(Austin: 17 mo & Maya: 19 mo)

It was so much fun watching them interact with each other more than last year's visit - although they did more parallel play than anything! We hope to meet them again at the end of this year when they return for the holidays. I can't wait to see what they'll do next :-)