Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nonna & Poppa take us to the Ballpark

My parents couldn't wait to take Austin on a tour to the Ballpark in Arlington since the pint sized Ranger fan is OBSESSED with all things baseball! We were lucky that we - as well as my brother's family- were able to tag along!  We'd like to go again. . . or shall I say, just Austin, Scott and my dad for 1:1 male bonding! It was a great day and of course, Austin L-O-V-E-D every moment of it.  There were tons of "Way cool!" and "get a look at that"'s going around!

The family before the tour started. 
We're catchers!! 
Daddy is Such a goober
Austin adores his Nonna!  (although Poppa's his main man!) 
We've got our tour tickets!  Just waiting for 11 o'clock to get here so we can check things out 
"JerryWorld" is just next door (share a parking lot) so this is a great photo op

On the tour we were able to view the press box, which was pretty cool.  Most of all - their view was amazing! 
Austin showing his Poppa where we sit
FYI: it's exactly above where Austin's finger is! 
Poppa showing Austin the sights around the stadium 
Isn't this view amazing!? 

After touring the press box, we walked around on the level where the suites are located.  Austin saw this painting (yes, it's a painting - NOT wallpaper) and I asked if he would mimic it.  Here's the outcome:  

We were able to walk inside a "basic level" suite and we all wanted it SO bad!  It was big but perfect for a group of 10 or so.  Here is the picture of the suite's 'porch':
Austin and Dad wondering what they need to do besides sell their left Kidney to have one.  Joking. . . well, kind of!  ;)

After that we headed downstairs to the Rangers batting cages, Press area, and other locations.  We weren't able to tour the locker room since it was game day but we were able to sneak a peak inside when someone (?) opened the door to go in.  It was cool to see everything set up - their shoes, uniform, ect - all set out in front of their locker!

FUTURE RANGER before he signs his 100 million $ contract :-)   
Batting cages. . .   
Impressed we saw a biblical quote there!  ALL RIGHT! 
Austin sad because he can't practice.  The first thing he said when walking in, "I wanna practice"  Poor baby.  One day! 

Heading to the Dugout!
wondering and imagining him here in 20 years!  :-) 
View from the dugout.  I'm wondering how much it would take to watch a game from HERE!! 
One word comes to mind on this picture: Bad Ass!

The field - that's REAL grass! 
we weren't able to go on the field since it was game day, but we did manage to have Austin touch some of it through the dugout net.

Thank you, again, Mom and Dad for such an amazing time!  XOXOXOXOXO