Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elfie Adventure: Day 6

Special Delivery for Mr. Austin Bradshaw

You've got Airmail!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Elfie Adventure: Day 5

Whoo hooo!! Elfie is going sledding in the village! What a crafty little elf- that sled is amazing.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Elfie Adventures: Day 4

Apparently it was exhausting flying to the North Pole on this windy night. I guess Elfie wanted to "hangout" and relax watching us this Monday.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Elfie's Adventure: Day 3

Guess Elfie got hungry on his way home from the North Pole! Pit stop at a McDonald's. Good thing they are a 24/7 establishment. HaHa

Elfie's Visit: Day 2

Elfie is such a troublemaker! We thought Abby did it at first, but after we followed the trail we spotted him! HaHa

Silly Elfie. Can't wait to see what he does tomorrow morning after his visit to the North Pole!

*pictures taken via iphone*

Friday, November 25, 2011

Elfie's 1st visit!

A few years back I was talking to a coworker when we were discussing the joys of parenting a child during the holidays and reliving the magic of Christmas.  She mentioned how she purchased an Elf on the Shelf for her daughter the year prior and it was a blast.  I had never heard of Elf on the Shelf before, nor did any of my friends. . . I did some research and found out the story behind it and I couldn't wait to do this with Austin!  I mentally put it in my "To Do" for the following year. 

Fast forward to this year and I find out that more and more people are doing it and/or hearing about it. So at the beginning of October we ordered our Elf and eagerly awaited its arrival.  Yes, were weren't going to take him out until the day after Thanksgiving, but I couldn't wait!  It definitely was reliving that 'day before Christmas' excitement for me! 
The tradition of Elf on the Shelf begins when the Elf is brought home and introduced to the children. Each Elf comes with a book, that the parents and children read together to awaken the Elf's magical powers. The children then get the very special task of naming the Elf. Once the book is read, and the Elf is named-he or she becomes the main correspondent for Santa. Each night, when the children are in bed-the elf uses his magical powers to fly up to the North Pole to give Santa the full report on the children's behavior, or requests from the children such as what they would like for Christmas. When the Elf returns from his or her nightly trip to the North Pole, he or she finds a spot to sit and "wait" for the children to awaken the next morning. And so it goes, every night the Elf takes a trip to the North Pole- he or she finds a different spot to sit upon return.

So today, November 25th, 2011, marks the first visit from our elf, Elfie!!
We woke up to this little guy hanging out.  He was so sweet to bring us some snow-covered donuts and melted ice all the way from the North Pole along with his book.  What a thoughtful and considerate elf! 
When Scott asked Austin, "What is that!?!" (Austin was in the living room and Scott in the kitchen), Austin spotted it, put a H-U-G-E grin on his face then got all bashful.  It really was funny!  Austin would keep peeking through his hands, looking at the elf and getting shy.  LOL  Once he spotted the donuts however, it was over!  Elfie, the name that Austin chose, won him over! 

Together, Scott, Austin and I read the book, picked out a name (that was tough!), and enjoyed the donuts.  We watched Elfie as we ate and throughout the days festivities of putting our Christmas decorations up.  He was watching everything! 

Elfie's craftsmanship was amazing!!!! 

At one point, he'd tell Carolyn (who was over helping decorate our tree -- our tradition!) to "not touch Elfie!"  LOL  He was so worried about Elfie reporting back to Santa Claus that he made sure he was good.  Yes, there were a few moments in the day that he was acting out, but when we reminded him that Elfie was watching he would behave properly :-)

We will keep you updated daily on Elfie's where abouts!  We wish you a blessed and beautiful holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving

I love the fact that our family gets together annually for our holidays.  Every single holiday (Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, ect) we've gotten together since before we were married --- that's over 11 years of holidays together!!!!  It's a rarity to have a group such as this gather around and enjoy spending time with each other!  I'm blessed beyond words that my parents and Scott's parents have gotten along.  I'm also grateful that my sister-in-law and brother get along SO well with Carolyn.  We literally are ONE BIG Happy family!!  Makes life easier, yes, but also makes it one-of-a-kind!

Here's a few glimpses of our Thanksgiving evening.
The Ladies of the evening.  Ironically enough we were ALL wearing some form of grey/black. . . and it was NOT planned!  So needlesstosay we HAD to get a picture :-)
Cheers to Mimosa's (or in Trista's case: OJ)

Trista & Austin.  Love that they are such great friends!
Trista has been hamming it up more and more.  Since we were wearing almost the same outfit --- again, not planned! -- we struck a pose.  Trista was yelling out, "GIRL POWER!"  I'm sure Aunt Melody was proud!  She taught me all she knows and I'm teaching MY neice.  . .  it's the circle of life LOL

Christa and Scott fighting over the cool whip. . . 'nuff said!

Ammie, Poppa & Nonna with their grandkids!

LOVE my little family!

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A few weeks back we broke out the board game, Hi Ho Cherry-O. Who knew it'd be such a hit! He asks almost daily to play board games.

Happy Halloween

*Sorry this is so late.  ;) 

On Monday, Oct 31st, Austin went trick or treating in our neighborhood.  It was a blast watching him go door to door calling out, "Happy Halloween!" (his preference over Trick or treat) and scoring some loot for mommy and daddy. . . umm, :cough: himself ! LOL  He's now at the age that he knows that a porch light ON means CANDY and a porch light OFF means we keep walking.  Smart boy learns fast!

Ringing the doorbell - so big! 
"Happy Halloween!"