Friday, March 26, 2010

Country Critters

Austin and I went to a playdate with my Mom's and Kids group on Friday to Country Critters  I belong to two mom and kids groups and both of the groups have gone to this place a few times.  Unfortunately Austin and I haven't been able to make them for one reason or another so I was excited to see it on the calendar for a day that we could actually attend!  Although I knew it was going to be a muddy mess since it's been raining like cats and dogs lately I didn't care. 

I love it because it's a place for the kids to do fun things all outside!  We've been craving sunshine so today was definately a perfect day for this!  They had a "choo hooo" playarea that Austin thoroughly enjoyed.  He kept going, "Chooo Chooo"  LOL
After playing all over the choo choo we then went to the pony ride area.  I remember last fall at our local Fall Festival of Austin riding a horse and Scott telling me he enjoyed it.  So I couldn't wait.  Apparently Austin had other plans and wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the cute pony.  Oh well so we headed to another area.  Up next (they had us go in a certain order since there were other mom's groups there) was the petting zoo.  There Austin got to brush a couple of lambs.  He wanted nothing to do with feeding them hay.
Gotta Sanitize!!
After the petting zoo half of our group went on a "hayride" while the other half went on a "train ride".  Here is Austin on the "train".  He LOVED it!
Then we went on a "hayride" - I put this in quotes because normally there is hay inside.  There wasn't any this time due to the heavy amounts of rain we had.   Halfway through our trip through the place we got stuck in some deep mud pockets.  The farm tractor couldn't even get us out so the guy gave up and brought out his 4x4 Duley truck
Truck pulling the tractor pulling the trailor.  LOL!!! 
This is how we finished the trip
Afterwards we went on the Bounce house and by that time it was time to go.  The rest of the group went oo the Easter Bunny Rabbit Trail but we needed to leave to meet up with DaDa. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dallas Blooms 2010

 Starting March 6-April 11, the Dallas Arboretum has the Dallas Blooms 2010 festival.  The Dallas Arboretum is always a beautiful place to go to to be outside, enjoying nature while surrounding by beautiful landscaping.  However during these few weeks it's even more beautiful with all of the tulips being showcased.  Dallas Arboretum: Dallas Blooms 2010 

On Thursday, Austin and I met up with some friends and had a great time.  The weather was PERFECT for this.  Lately Mother Nature has been a tad fickle in what it wants to do.  One day it's freezing, the next it's warm, then rainy and then super windy --- all within the course of one week - no exaggeration there!  But on thursday it was NOT windy, nor was it freezing, it was absolutely perfect!!  The day called for pants, short sleeve shirt with just a jacket in the morning. As the day progressed it just got warmer and warmer, but it was welcomed with open arms since us Texans aren't used to the long, cold/rainy winter we've had!
Our self-portrait! :-)
Smelling the flowers.  "Yummm"
This is my FAVORITE picture!  He was not staying still - funny huh LOL - but stopped to watch twin girls, about 1 years of age, stumbling around while their parents took pictures.  I later thanked them for the entertainment so I could get a shot of him LOL!!!
As we were walking past the frog's Austin proceeded to literally plop down and chill.  Ummm. . . hello dude we're walking?!  LOL  So Sophia went over to talk to him.  They are SO cute together.  I'm so lucky to have friends like them!!
Okay, thanks Sophia, now we're OFF!!!
Moseying (is this a word?) before we stop for our picnic lunch!
After lunch I pulled out the Bubble Blower Gun that Austin got for his birthday.  He LOVES bubbles, what kid doesn't, and so I was excited to see HIS excitment! Unfortunately the universe hated me at this moment because it wouldn't work for me.  After a few minutes of unsuccessful tries, I hand it over to Kiesha who is able to get the thing going.  So she hands it back where, magically it doesn't work. After I hand it off yet again, it works  LOL  Then seconds later I get pooped on by a bird!!  I TOLD you the universe was hating me. 
A LOT of people were having the same idea as we were!  Here are just a few pictures of the beautiful scenery and all the people bathing in the sun.
Stairs!!  Up, down, up, & down LOL
Then we entered the area where all the water was.  It was Austin's and Sophia's favorite spot! They kept playing in the water - and I think if we let them, they would be there all day long! 
He kept craking me up!  He'd balance himself on his belly and 'fly'  WEEEEEEE!
So Beautiful!
There were even some fish to watch!
"Bye Bye!" ~Austin
I just love the next sequence of pictures!  It all started when Austin walked over to the ledge and said, "I sit" and then plopped down.  Guess it was time for another photo opt LOL
"Oh Mrs. Kiesha is SO FUNNY!" ~Austin
Sophia showing Austin an acorn shell.  She's a great teacher
Group Bear Hug!!!
Austin thew his arms in the air and said, "Yea Wa Wa!!" 
(water - there is a lake on the edge of the Arboretum) LOL!!
Within minutes of putting him in the carseat to head home.  He was passed out before I left the parking lot.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Fridays are our designated "family days" since I am off of work and Scott doesn't have class.  The past few weeks we haven't been able to have Family Days due to one thing or another so I was really looking forward to going out together for some fun family adventure!  We originally planned to go to the Dallas Arboretum but the weather and it's fickle self made us change our plans.  Although the high today was suppose to be around 68 degrees, it was V-E-R-Y windy outside and was suppose to pick up as the day progressed.  So Scott, Austin and I headed over to Fort Worth to the Museum of Science and History.
Heading to the Dinosaur Exhibit 
Checking out all the info on Dinosaurs
Austin in relation to a Dinosaur paw print. 
 LOL he kept on trying to lay down in it. 
An older woman kept saying maybe it reminded him of the womb LOL
Putting together a Dinosaur Puzzle

There was also a Children's Museum located inside the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History!
He loved riding in the "Car". . .
But was a tad confused when another driver took over.  I think Austin was stating his peace!
Helped weigh and bathe a baby
Auscultating Heart Sounds
Went shopping
Picked out produce, "Baanaanaa" then attempted to literally eat an orange.  Upps!
Just me being crafty with the camera
Making "bubbels"
Daddy helping him get a closer look!
Walking through the Cattler's Exhibit
Making paper airplanes fly with Daddy
That's his favorite :-)
Family picture.  Yea for timers LOL