Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day, Part II

From our family to yours!

After heading over to my parents for dinner, we all gathered together to open up more gifts.  I love this part of Christmas - having everyone together - My mom, Dad, Carolyn, Travis, Christa, Trista, Trevor, Scott & Austin - to celebrate this glorious day!
 Of course, the kids were spoiled rotten :-)
Travis & Trista (3 days shy of turning 3!)
Christa & Trevor (13 months old)
Austin got his very own camera!!  Best toy ever - know he can be the photographer just like his BaBa! 
"awe!!"  His own basketball set! 
Trevor helping Austin & I open a gift 
Yes, even necessities are a blessing.  New shoes!!!  
So proud of his new "jersey"
Anything that resembles a jersey (ie: numbers on it) is considered a jersey in his eyes!
A jersey must be worn every day and to bed every night 
Dad opening his gift
*Sadly, we didn't get a picture of mom :(  . . .
or the person who took all the pictures :cough cough: Scott. 

Merry Christmas 2010!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Morning

Yea, I know it's "only" December 24th, but it is TO Christmas!! 
or at least it was for my family . . . .

Austin's finally at that age where he is starting to "get" Santa and Christmas.  Yes, we are teaching him about the true meaning of CHRISTmas and about baby Jesus - he even says, "Happy Birthday Jesus" - so don't think it's all "Santa".  :wink wink:  Austin was acting like a 'terrible two' on Christmas "eve" so I believe I had to make a call to Santa once or twice for him to act properly.  Who knew that lil fib would work?!?!  Heck, as I'm typing this up now it still is working.  yes. . . Santa CAN make returns LOL!

Normally he wakes up bright and early - aka 6-6:30am and wanders into our room.  However that can't happen on Christmas morning because in order to do so you'd have to make way into the living room first and we didn't want him to see what Santa left until we were there!  So, sadly we put the baby gate up.  I say 'sadly' because Austin freaks out if you place the gate up - I think he believes it's some sort of prison!  Anyways, after waking up a few time during the night - again a new norm thanks to potty training!! - he was slow to wake.  Carolyn, Scott and I were all up and waiting on Austin.  WHAT A CHANGE!  However, when we asked if he wanted to see what Santa brought him - now THAT def. lit fire under him to get a move on!  He was hesistant and shy to enter the living room. . . . 

Yes, the sport-lovin' boy is sleeping in a jersey, thanks to an early Christmas present from Ammie
WHAT?!?!  Santa brought Austin D-R-U-M-S!?!?!?! 
His Daddy was so proud of him - he was even doing the footpedal properly while playing! 
Classic Austin face. . . notice him balancing his sticks on his leg HA!

Austin was having a blast playing his drums.  Santa did amazingly well at predicting what Austin would enjoy.  However, about 20 min or so later when I asked Austin, "Austin, do you want to open more presents?" I got this reply: 
"WHA???!!  NO, I PAY DRUMS!"

"Austin, don't you want to see what else is under the tree?  There could be really cool presents for you.  Lets stop playing the drums and check it out"
Austin's reply: 
"Naaah, I PAY DRUMS!!!" 
"Oh Tay, Momma?" 
 HAHAHA  Funny boy! 

Finally we encouraged Austin to open a few more gifts.  He did get a new paper guitar from Ammie, which he promptly tried to play simutaneously with his drums!

Our son having the time of his life!  This is the best gift ever for Scott and I to receive!
Family Band. . . Which will NOT go on tour. 
A beautiful thing!

We did put the drum sticks away to see whatelse was under the tree:
Intense concentration: notice the tongue!  
The look of wonder!

After a fun and relaxing morning of gift opening, coffee (for the adults!) and cinnamon rolls - although Austin was too pumped up to eat HAHA! - we headed over to my parents for more Christmas fun.  We finally got dressed and ventured over around noon where my Brother, sister-in-law, neice, & nephew would also be.  Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tomorrow's Christmas Eve!

Since Christmas falls on a Saturday this year I sent an email up to Santa Claus's secretary to see if he could make a practice run at our house the night before so that we can have Christmas morning together.  S.C. was SO nice and agreed to make Friday (Dec 24th) Christmas Day for us by doing his "Dress Rehearsal"  So that makes tomorrow (Thursday, Dec 23rd) OUR Christmas Eve!  Santa Claus said that they frequently go to various homes the night before the BIG DAY to get things right and any mistakes can be corrected before the big night.  I'm so thankful we're on the "Dress Rehearsal House List"! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Austin is. . .

NOT something that can be thrown in the laundry. . . even on the delicate cylce!

A HARD-CORE Sports fanatic!  Baseball, Football, Basketball - anything and he's in L.O.V.E. 
Cheesin' it for the camera 
One Silly Goober! 

Santa is at Austin's school?!?!

On Austin's last day of Preschool they had a Pastries with Parents party and afterwards Santa made an appearance!  How lucky are we that Santa stopped by to talk to the little boys and girls on their last day of school before getting ready for Christmas.

Lil Man and I had a yummy breakfast - donuts and . . . of course, pastries LOL - and then he made a gift for Santa.  He was very particular about where his stars were going to be placed!

Then Santa arrived!  Austin loved seeing him and gave him his gift.

I see Christmas Lights!

Friday evening, Scott, Carolyn, Austin and I headed out to Grand Prairie to see the PRAIRIE LIGHTS.  We've done it the past few years and I think it's safe to say that it's now a tradition of ours!  Although this year my parents weren't able to go for various reasons so it was just the Bradshaw clan.  This year, with Austin being older he LOVED seeing all the "Tristmas Lights" from his carseat. 
Ammie & Austin 
Our Driver! 
Austin & I 
Our Favorite! 
Austin saw this and about flipped!  He yelled out "Dallas Cowboys!" 
This feature was my favorite and it still is after all these years of going.  I think it's so awesome to drive thru it as it's moving.  I have to look away since it makes me dizzy, but it's so cool!

Halfway through the drive there is a stopping point to see Santa (no), watch a light show (yes), grab food & drinks (no & no), as well as walk through the lighted "garden" (OH YEA!)  This, I think, is one of the favorite parts of going to Prairie Lights.  Austin of course loved it as did the three of us.   
Yes we are bundled well.  It was cold - I believe 47 degrees - so perfect to get into the holiday spirit!

I can't wait till next year! 
Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

Love the Bradshaw's
Scott, Austin & Tanya. . .
see they even made a snowmen (and women LOL) light feature for our lil family HAHA!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BakeFest 2010

This year was the 4th year my mom and I got together to bake.  We started 5 years ago, last year we were on 'hiatus' due to the passing of Patrick, and would get together to bake for family & friends.  The very first year - or maybe it was the 2nd year? - we started at like 9am and didn't finish until after 5!  It was EXHAUSTING!!  We made 2-3 dozen of each item and I believe we made at least 5 different kinds of cookies, plus breads, and fudge.  It was so tiring!  That was, or course, before the awesome KitchenAid Mixer my mom received as a gift from my Aunt (her sister).  That little handy device has saved us hours in the kitchen and although we're less 'built' in the arms, we're happy to have the machine do the work!
So after we decided what to make this year, we gathered our supplies.   
After that year of cooking ALL day we decided to minimize ourselves.  So this year we decided to make:
1 Large Loaf of Pumpkin/chocolate chip Bread
1 huge batch of homeade Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 batch of Rice Krispie Treats dyed red for the Holidays
1 yummy thing Fudge *staple!*
1 package of Sugar cookies w/ frosting we decorate

We had a lil helper this year 
But instead he chose to stay out of the kitchen LOL  Maybe he remembered the comment Daddy made on Thanksgiving about having "too many hens in the kitchen?!"  and since there were two women in the kitchen baking, he decided to steer clear and do his OWN baking!  Good thing Nonna has a pint-sized version! 
Notice the oven mitt!  He kept saying, "Oh HOT!!" LOL
He was making muffins -- he told us so! 
Around 1 we had family over - My mom had her Uncle Russ (my Grandma's older brother) and her cousin Gloria over.  We also had HER daughter, Jennifer and Jennifer's daughter over.  It was so neat to meet this side of my family since I had never met them before!   We all had a great time and Jennifer's daughter, who turned 3 in July, hit it off with Austin right away.  It was funny, we were trying to figure out what we were all to each other.  I mean I know that my Mom's Uncle is MY Great-Uncle and Austin's Great-Great Uncle (SO COOL!!!!), but what was Gloria and Jennifer and Her daughter to me and Austin?!?!?!?!  Well here's how it works, thanks to my friend Hopi who explained it so clearly:
Cousins share a grandparent, second cousins a great-grandparent, etc.
The once removed comes in when you are relating different generations to each other.
So, if your mom and her are first cousins, then they must share a grandparent....
That would make your mom's cousin your first cousin once removed
(because she is a different generation)
but her daughter would be your second cousin.
The daughter's child would be your second cousin once removed
 (again, different generation)
and then Austin and the little daughter would be 3rd cousins.
 Since they must share a great-great grandparent.

So Gloria is MY first cousin, once removed and Austin's first cousin twice removed
Jennifer is MY second cousin and Austin's 2nd cousin, once removed
Her daugher (sorry can't remember her name?!) is my 2nd cousin, once removed & Austin's 3rd cousin

CONFUSED YET!  HAHAHAHA  Family trees are so fascinating!
Uncle Russ & Gloria
Decorating the sugar cookies with family!