Thursday, April 29, 2010


What a character :-)  We were outside playing and apparently I was being too loud LOL!!  I guess he learned this at school because Scott and I don't do this!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hit The Road!

I was so excited when I saw this bedding at my favorite store, Target!  Even before Austin moved into his big boy bed I was looking forward to buying him a Bedset.  I researched a few online as well as at various stores but was amazed at the price tag on them.  The cheapest bedset I found was $75.00 and even though it included: toddler sized comforter, toddler bed flat & fitted sheets, as well as 1 pillowcase I wasn't about to drop that kind of cash on it.  Call me cheap but I think that's crazy.  So after walking around Target without anything in mind I came across this Circo Hit The Road Toddler BedSet that was only $29.99!!  I was blown away!  I go to Target at least weekly - an addiction I know - but I don't remember coming across this.  I quickly rechecked that my eyes weren't playing a trick on me and rechecked again.  And Again.  And again.  Sure enough I was reading it right so I placed it in my buggy - with Austin's approval of course! - and on we went home to get it set up. 

It's so cute to see Austin sleeping in his big boy bed, but it's surreal to see him sleeping with a pillow. Now it's even mind-boggling to watch him sleeping with a matching big boy bed set. Time is flying by!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Family Fun Friday at Cedar Ridge Preserve!

As I've mentioned before on Fridays Scott and I try to make that day special since it's the only day that both of us are off from either work or school.  Some days we chill at the house or do normal everyday errands but sometimes we make the most of it by going somewhere all day for a family fun event.  This week we decided that the Cedar Ridge Preserve would be the best place to go!!  Scott and I have been there countless times but we've never taken Austin.  It was such a blast.  We arrived around 9:45 and began on a 1.5 mile trail.  We weren't sure what Austin would do - if he would get tired easily or be too distracted/uncontrollable - but he surpassed all our expectations!!!!!!  We were blown away by his ability to "keep up" with us.  Although we stopped around 12 for lunch we walked for over 4 hours and walked over 3.5-4 miles!  Towards the end would he stop and come to me, raise his arms and say, "Ugh" like man I'm beat!  (He can say Up but I guess when you are tired it goes by the wayside LOL!)  After being held for a min or two, he'd want down to walk on his own.  He impressed us and now Scott and I can't wait to go again.  We had such a great time being outside, in the nature, as a family.  I'm so thankful to have these Family Fun Fridays and to have a place like this to go to!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

He's a BIG Boy Now!

On Thursday, after Scott, Austin and I got home from Austin's Preschool Easter Egg Hunt I attempted to put the tired, cranky boy down for a nap. Apparently that wasn't on Austin's agenda because as I was changing him into shorts he started thrashing about like an exorcism was happening. He was thrashing and flailing so much that I had to set him down to get a better hold of him. When I did he then proceeded to go to his closed bedroom door and open it. After picking my jaw up off of the floor and telling Scott, Austin ran out of the room screaming like a bat outta hell. What?!  Where did he learn how to do that?  I don't want him to open doors - I was excited he didn't know how. . . guess growing up is mandatory.  He then started flinging himself on the living room floor while I was trying to pull his shorts up. After some intervention by Dadda the shorts made it safely on without anyone getting a black eye (due to the flailing LOL). I then picked him up and slowly rocked/swayed with him a bit to calm him down.  After he was relaxed I set him in his crib.  He was out like a light within seconds!  After leaving I quickly ran to the grocery store while Scott was home.  When I came back Austin was awake and Scott told me he only slept for 10 minutes.  HUH?!  I walk in and smell poo - of course, who in their right mind would want to go to sleep with that?!  Here's where the growing up before my eyes starts yet again. I turn around to turn the light on and when I turn back Austin is falling over the edge of his crib.  I luckily catch him mid fall only to have his lower half slam against the ground!  Close call!!!  I'm still trying to grasp what the heck happened and how.  So I placed him back in his crib where he showed me how exactly he managed to climb and catapolte his way over.  I immediately told Scott who wanted to see for himself, which of course, Austin didn't do LOL  That afternoon Dada proceeded to convert his crib into the toddler bed.  I'm so thankful to have a husband - and Austin should be so blessed to have a father - who can do things like this at a moments notice! 
The New Big Boy Bed:
Looking at his bed from the door
His Star nightlight

I didn't know what to do.  We weren't prepared for this. We knew it was going to happened one day soon but Scott and I were thinking by summer  - not right now!!  I'm so thankful to have technology and the social networking sites such as Facebook.  I posted for all my friends to share any advice or tips on how to convert over to a toddler bed successfully.  After reading through them all we kind of knew what do do and expect.  So after much collaboration with other moms of toddlers as well as various Aunts, Co-workers and friends Scott and I moved all of the toys that were in Austin's room and placed them into the computer room.  The computer room was slowly being converted into a make-shift playroom anyways so now it's truly a playroom.  99% of Austin's toys are in there minus his Ikea table/chairs, rocking dinosaur, and his pint sized rocking chair - all of which are in the living room.  Here are a  few pictures of the new playroom:
This is the "Co Co" (color) and "Booh" (Book) area

I won't write out how the days and nights were in glory detail but I will show you what happened.  It was so adorably funny to watch Austin realize the newfound freedom he now had being in the big boy bed.  Prior to putting a childproof knob on the inside of his bedroom door he'd try to escape.  He'd run into the living room giddy with excitment.  He knew it was past his bedtime but I could tell he was thining, "THIS IS JUST SO COOL"  LOL  Scott, unfortunatley was gone Thursday night - Sunday night due to a church youth competition, so it was just Austin and I for this change.  In the first few days of this transition I probably put Austin back into his room more times that I've ever done in the past year together!  I was very persistent and I was bound to be successful!  It's funny. . . . I know I'm stubborn and I know Scott is stubborn but MAN O MAN what did we create?!  Here's how long it took Austin to fall asleep in the first 5 days:

Thursday night: it took only 25 min (due to being overly tired from the Preschool activities & 10 min nap)
Friday nap: took 2 hrs 10 min till he fell asleep
Friday night: 2 hrs and 35 min till he fell asleep
Saturday nap: 1 hr 30 min till he fell asleep
Saturday night: 1 hr 10 min till he fell asleep
Sunday nap: went to sleep right away LOL tired boy!!
Sunday night: 1 hr 45 min (only 10 min were spent OUT of bed!)
Monday night: 30 min till he fell asleep (his norm even in his crib!) = success
Tuesday night:  45 min till he fell asleep (norm) = success
Napping in his big boy bed.
As I type this it's been a long and crazy week but Austin is getting better and better!  It's still surreal to see him sleeping in is big boy bed at night.  Every night we wonder where did our lil boy go?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

POTW: 3/28-4/3

I know I missed out on the last two Picture Of The Week postings but I'm back to resuming.  Life has been crazy busy lately!    Here is last weeks pic for POTW.  Lately Austin's been into cars.  Trains have taken a backburner and Cars - as well as the movie CARS - takes the front seat.  It's really cute to watch him gather his cars up and then lay on the couch or floor and play.  What a lil man our son is becoming!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday was a great day for Easter

On Good Friday I had family over to celebrate Easter.  Although I was the only one to be working the whole Easter weekend celebrating Easter on Friday was the best day to get most of us together.  The only ones who couldn't be there to celebrate with us was Scott (he was at an LTC event) and my dad (company mandatory picnic).  It was a great afternoon and evening.  Here are some pictures of the day:
The cousins together.  I LOL at this picture.  Why should we assume two 2-year olds will look at the camera with the basket of eggs with in reach.  Why should we also assume that they should hold up an almost 5 month old who can't sit up without support!  LOL
Nonna with her grandkids:

Although the Easter Bunny doesn't normally come on Good Friday he did bring a basket for Trista and Austin since he knew they were going to celebrate their Easter then.  However, Easter Sunday morning this is what THIS Easter Bunny brought Austin:
Growing up every Easter the Easter Bunny would bring my brother and I our first official spring/summer outfit. Since the Easter Bunny knows everything and therefore knows that Austin has plenty of summer clothes for this year,he left behind for Austin his first pair of swim shoes, as well as a "Cars" Beach towel, swim shorts and swim top. Plus other candy as well as his 1st Easter chocolate Bunny.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Preschool's Easter Egg Hunt

The Thursday before Easter Austin's Preschool had an Easter Egg Hunt.  I love all the cute little activities and parties that Austin gets to be apart of now that he's in Preschool.  It is so much fun to be on this side of the party-scene and I'm so blessed to be able to be apart of it all since I work weekends.  Luckily for us Scott was also able to be apart of the festivities!!!  Prior to the hunt someone had to scatter the eggs! So Scott and I, along with the Preschool Director Crissy, were on a mission!
My Basket:

Scott scattering the eggs for the 'older' crew (ages 4 & 5 year olds)
That small black dot is Scott LOL
Austin getting excited to go out and hunt Easter Eggs
Daddy showing Austin what to do.

He's doing a great job! 
Austin was doing a great job of finding an egg, gathering it up and setting it in his bag. . . until he realized that there were actually goodies inside LOL!!!  After that it was all over hahaha
Too busy worrying about the Easter Egg Dada put in his pocket
It's so much fun to be a parent!!  Makes all the 'little things' such a joy!!