Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's new

Here are a few updates on what Austin can now accomplish and of course, a reason to post more pictures

* He can now walk / run without the assistance of momma or daddy. This is now his preferred method of travel. He is SO proud of himself. Practically every day he'll just walk/run figure 8's around the house laughing and smiling.
* He can give anyone who asks a high five

* He can drink out of a cup with minimal assistance

* He loves his straws and has been able to drink out of them without assistance for quite some time.

* After drinking water or milk, he'll shake his head and go "ahhhhhhh!" ---> What a HAM!

* Getting better and better at eating. Loves his fruit and carbs.

* He's now in a 'big boy' chair and is learning how to eat off a plate like the adults

* He's learning how to snap his fingers

* He knows how to lean into the slide to go down properly without assistance. He loves his slide that Grammie and Grandpa got him for his 1st birthday

* Gives kisses and hugs on command. Well, really when HE wants to

* Waves hi & bye

* He's learning how to blow (on food, on his pinwheel) and does it all the time

* He'll blow kisses at you. Melts our hearts every time!!!

* He does the perfect "Warrior" sound by putting his hand over his mouth to make that sound.

* Loves being outdoors (it was raining in this picture)

* When getting dressed, he'll give you his leg or arm when needed.

* He loves being read to AND he loves reading on his own
* He loves fishes and gets excited everytime he sees them
* Overall, he's one happy toddler exploring the world around him

Monday, April 27, 2009

Breast Cancer 3Day UPDATE

Help me reach my goal for the Dallas/Fort Worth Breast Cancer 3-Day!

Just a reminder to all my friends and family on the progress I've made. I must raise a minimum of $2,300.00 to participate in the Breast Cancer 3 Day (60 mile walk) and so I need your help in "saving 2nd base"!!! I have raised a total of $831.50 and therefore must raise $1468.50 before it's too late. I know some have said that they would donate and I know the economy is hitting everyone's pocketbooks but I'm pleading for your help! No matter the size of the donation, you'll be making a difference! So click the link today and donate. I'm planning on raising the minimum amount by July 1st.

My total Mileage walked thus far: 86 1/2 miles
(and that's pushing Austin in the stroller majority of the time!). By the time my training and the 3Day have been completed, I will have walked over 875 miles --> that's like saying I walked from Downtown Dallas to Del Rio AND BACK!

Dallas Arboretum

Since the weather was warming up and the wind was dying down, Austin and I decided to take advantage of the week by going to the Dallas Arboretum. A friend of mine and I, along with our little ones, met up and had a great time. The place was absolutely breathtaking, which definately inspired me to get a move-on in the landscaping department!!

Here's some pictures of Austin enjoying the various Storybook Playhouses they had up. They were all so elaborate and with each playhouse came the story about it. (ie: Alice in Wonderland had a short synopsis and the author's name):

Below are some pictures that compare Austin at 4 1/2 months and at 13 months, what a change!!
Austin: July 2008 (4 1/2 months old)
Austin: April 2009 (13 months old)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Texas Tradition

If you've been in Texas during the spring, you've had to have seen the wild flowers growing along every road and field thoughout the Great State of Texas. Every year thousands of couples and families flock to the Texas State Flower and take gorgeous pictures since they make for a beautiful scenery. Here are a few of ours.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's warming up nicely

It's been 'officially' Spring for a few weeks now, but only recently has it been nice enough to be out without worry of a jacket (or in my case, coat). It's been awesome having the windows and doors open to let in the air. In typical boy fashion, Austin's been loving it! I'll leave the backdoor open and he'll go back and forth between the kitchen to his new playground - the deck. Here is a typical baby/toddler pic. Since he had a diaper rash due to teething I wanted his bottom to air out - so outside we went to play for a bit. He of course, LOVED IT! He'll play with the flowers, the bugs, the rocks and of course the toys that "the village" (aka: momma, daddy, Grammie, Grandpa, Nonna, Poppa & friends) has bought him. Just recently did a friend of mine give us their turtle sandbox, so once we figure out the perfect spot to put it, we'll sure to take lots of pics to share.

Also since I'm doing all of my Breast Cancer 3Day trainng during the week, Austin's been in tow. Together we've covered over 68 miles!!! I'm so proud of us. Here are a few of the pictures of my training:

Earlier I said that Austin started walking. Well, he was and then a few days after I opened my big mouth he stopped. For 3 whole weeks, he did nothing but crawl (with an occasional walk here and there but of course, only in his daddy's presence) Finally, the past few days, Austin's done nothing BUT walk. He's so amazing and so fast. He has this look of pure unadultered glee and is so proud of himself. He keeps on laughing while walking. Makes our hearts melt!! I'll definately post some video of it soon.

We've also moved him from the highchair to the big boy chair so that he can be at the table with us for meals.
He still thinks it's a game to throw food on the floor and aggravate his momma, but he does seem to do it less in this chair. Of course, the second I post this, he'll read it then go into an all out food throwing contest with himself.
Here is a picture at a resturant while 'patiently' waiting his food :D

A few weeks ago Austin learned how to climb up on the fireplace, then a few days after that he learned that the fireplace and the dishwasher are pretty much the same height from the floor: AND. . . I also know how to stand. So, if I stand ON the dishwasher:I can get EXACTLY what I want!