Monday, June 28, 2010

Music Man, oh Music Man, will you play me a song?

Ever since Austin was first born - heck even in utero - he would LOVE music playing. He'd rock to the beat, sway or tap his feet. Yes even in utero he'd do this, he'd roll and kick especially while music was playing. Like I said in my previous post, Scott and I as well as his grandparents try to foster his love of music. We take him to our church when the Creekside Band is playing, Nonna and I take him to a few local Music playgroups geared towards the younger ages. There are loads of concerts-in-the-parks as well as just making music avaliable for him at home. For example, we play music, some of his toys are musical (ie: his ABC Baby, Fisherprice helicopter that sings songs, etc) and we let him explore the settings (scan button, volume control, etc) on the boombox.
Austin also owns his RockBand style drum set from fisher price that he plays all the time. It's even a MUST when Dada brings out the real RockBand.

We even found a 0.99 cent microphone like Sid The Science Kid , which is one of his favorite shows to watch. He'll even grab his microphone during the intro and dance along with Sid!

So when Scott and I came across a 'real' guitar at World Market a few weeks back we couldn't pass it up. We were impressed it was "ONLY" $19.99. Austin loves that thing!! Here are a few videos of Austin rockin' it out to the beat. Music Man, oh Music Man, will you play me a song?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rockin' to the beat!

After a friend from high school mentioned on her blog about free concerts in Arlington for kids I was pumped.  See it just goes to show you how important blog-stalking really is LOL!!  If I didn't blog stalk, I would have never reaquainted myself with her nor would I have found out about this.  So everyone continue your blog stalking - you just never know what you'll learn :-)

Anyways, today Austin and I joined her family and neice at the pavillion for some great music. We left our house early and met up with them around 9:30 for a great spot even though it didn't start until 10:30.  I love people who are as early to things as I am because she was already there claiming a perfect place for us and laying down the blanket to share.  Since we did get there early we chatted and watched the kids play, or in Austin's case either hide underneath the canopy of the stroller or test his boundries and attempt to wander!  

The concert today was a duo who took the funniest stories and put them to music.  Trout Fishing in Ameria was the name of this duo and they were great with kids and were very interactive with the audience.  A few times my music lover strummed along to the beat with his own 'air guitar' while the music played.

Playing his "air guitar"

I love that Austin is into music and Scott and I try to foster that as best we can.  Right now we go to as many musical events as possible.  Overall, we had a great time and I can't wait to go to next weeks concert.  Next week is Mammoth Follies and I just know Austin will love that.  After all the boy loves his DinoRawrs!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Have you made a decision?

Today, June 21, 2010 at 11:17am little man was attacked.  See the facts below.

Exhibit A: Blue Bucket filled with water

Exhibit B: Little Man on Swing.  Swinging peacefully and happily

Exhibit C: Water in bucket (Exhibit A) being thrown at swinging child

Jury: You make the decision.  Did he enjoy it?

I think so!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wickedly Awesome!!

Green IS beautiful!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Scott, Carolyn and I went to go see WICKED on Friday.  I have always wanted to see Wicked for the past few years now.  Actually when my mom, Aunt and I went to New York City May 2008 I wanted to see it on Broadway, but instead we saw Momma Mia (I got voted out LOL) but thoroughly enjoyed it.  I knew one day I'd get to see Wicked and this was the year!!

Just like when we went to see Phantom of the Opera in March for Carolyn's birthday we made dinner reservations at the location of the musical.  Although it's a buffet and you'd think egh - I know most people have when I mentioned we went to their buffett (I was the same at first) - but they again outdid themselves!!  It was so good and the food selection was overthe top!  Last time we ate beyond all possibilities and we were uncomfortable during the show so this time we knew to reign it in and eat like we normally would LOL 

Good Food & Drinks were had by all!

We had F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. seats and I enjoyed every second of the show!  It's amazing how the singers can make me get goosebumps on my arms and legs everytime they sing a song.  What an amazing gift!!  We walked away with awesome memories, a full belly and singing the tunes in our heads.  Of course, we also nabbed their CD so that we can play it anytime we want hehehe!
I highly reccommed everyone to see Wicked.  It's fantastic and you'll be amazed at the story line.  Who'da thought Green is beautiful and misunderstood!

I'm going to get Wicked!

I can't believe it, in a little less than 4 hours Scott and I will be going to see WICKED!!!  EEEEEKKKKKK
I've been wanting to see this play for many many years now and finally I'm going!  What a fabulous birthday present from Momma B(my Mother-in-law --> yet I don't call her that unless she's on my bad list LOL which is extremely extremely extremely rare)  I'm so spoiled!

WHOOO HOOOO!! I'll be def. posting about it in the coming days so stay tuned.

Bradshaw's Backyard Blast!!

Today was a perfect day to relax outside by the pool.  Austin and I set our stuff up and had a blast for 3 1/2 hours until lunch and nap time!  Low and Behold Austin actually ate his lunch :GASP: guess that's what fun in the sun will do to you.  LOL 

We go outside as often as possible but regardless my son is a picky finicky eater. . .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here's to the Sandbox Babies. . . um well Nix that. Here's to the Sandbox Kids!

There!  That title is much more fitting although in my heart - and their momma's - all of the Sandbox kids will forever be known as the Sandbox Babies.  (Read more about the Sandbox Babies here and more about the Sandbox Babies here)

While Scott was over in Lubbock for a week with the high school youth attending church camp, Austin and I decided to venture up north to Oklahoma City, OK to visit some of our Sandbox friends!  We don't get to visit each other often, maybe two times a year, so this trip was very exciting.  Monday evening I packed our bags, brought along our necessities (swim suits, diapers, plenty of snacks for the trip, his nap essentials (blankie, cars, & baby), ect) as well as some of Austin's toys to ensure a smooth car ride. 

On Tuesday morning I awoke bright and early and finished up the last minute tidbits before getting up Austin.  After a change of clothes, a fresh diaper (him not me! LOL), and a top off of the gas tank, we were on our way to OKC by 6:30am!  I was so pumped and proud -- that was my intention to leave by that time and I made it.  Go me LOL  I was hoping that since I woke Austin up out of a deep slumber he would fall back asleep, but who was I kidding?!?  He was up and taking in the sights the second we left.  He did amazingly well for the 3 hour and 45 min car trip!  He'd grab the books, toys or cars out of the basket and then when he was done he'd either put them back or insisted that they ride up with me in the passenger seat.  That honor was mainly for the Cars cars: Red Car (Lightening McQueen), Blue Car (Doc), Tow Mater, Hippy Car (Filmore), Big Truck (Green Peterbelt), Ramone, & Sheriff.  Yes, we brought them all!!  If we didn't the world would end.  No, truly it would! :-) 

About 2 hours into our trip I decided that a stretch n' walking break was very much needed.  Austin absolutely agreed since he started shaking his legs back in forth begging to be let loose and overall just getting v-e-r-y antsy and whining for no reason but to escape the prison called the carseat.  We stopped at a McDonalds in Ardmore, OK thinking they had a playarea, but boy was I wrong.  No playarea and not much room to roam, what's up with that?!  So after about 5 min of standing we settled back in the car and proceeded on.  The stretch n' walk break was very much needed because after that we were all good to go.  We arrived at Erika's house around 10:15 and from then on out had a great time. 

Unfortunately I didn't take much pictures because Mary, Erika and I were having too good of a time watching Aria, Hunter and Austin play while we were catching up and chatting.  Erika and Todd were gracious enough to open up their home for us so that we all could have a more relaxed playdate than venturing out to the zoo or somewhere in the heat.  That was definately appreciated and I'm sure Mary agreed, especially since Mary is 6 weeks away from delivering Baby Girl #2!  So between playing with all of Hunters toys (thanks Bud for sharing!!) and Mary bringing over an awesome pool we all had a blast!! 

After swim time, we settled the kids down to watch Toy Story since we were doubtful they would actually nap.  Boy were we wrong!  I especially was.  As I was setting up the pack n' play that I brought Austin happily grabbed all 7 of his cars while I took his blankie and his baby.  He threw the cars into the pack n' play and within seconds of me putting him down he was O-U-T!!! 

After waking him up (I wanted him to fall asleep on the ride home) after napping for 2 hours we all settled down and ordered pizza for dinner.  After filling our tummy tanks, Austin and I loaded up all of our gear, changed him into his PJ's and said our good byes so we could head off towards home.  Ironically we left to head home around 6:30pm and funny enough we headed towards OKC at 6:30am.  It's the silly things you think of while driving 3.5-4 hrs LOL!! 

Yet again, Austin did amazing!  This time we didn't even need to stop.  We barrelled through and made it home by 10:15pm.  Not once did Austin ask to get up or fuss.  He kept himself entertained with all of his toys and was just happy to 'veg out' and chill I think.  Guessing the 8 hours of playdate did him in! 

Shockingly though he didn't sleep for even a second although a few times he'd get into his famous sleep position in his carseat.  He just didn't want to miss the sights and sounds.  He very rarely gets to stay up past his bedtime so he was especially alert once the sun set!
The sun setting near the Red River


We had such a fun time and I can't wait to do it again

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

His first tub bath

Austin has always been a water lover.  From his very first bath Austin's loved water and being in it.  Never has he feared it. . . that is unless it's splashing him in the eye.  Then he runs the other direction.  Last summer he loved playing in Nonna & Poppa's pool but pretty much stayed in the baby float. 

Any chance we could get we'd take him to the nearest Kiddie Play Pool, go to my parents or even blow up the kid pool in our backyard.  I couldn't wait to get him in the pool now that he's older.  However, after an accidental trip under water in my parents pool he's officially against theirs! 

I'm sure you're wondering what?!?!  So here is what happened:  No, he didn't "fall in" perse.  My parents have a bench that's on the same depth as the second step.  My mom and Austin were dipping their toes in last week and Austin was walking back and forth on the bench.  He kept on pointing to the deep end but my mom told him that he couldn't go down there.  After about 20 min of Austin walking back n' forth he turned, looked at her with this devilish grin then leaned forward and fell further in the water.  Yes, he did go under but only for a few seconds.  He didn't act upset just crying out, "Eyeball!"  (he hates having his eyeballs wet LOL)  Once she wiped the water away from his eyeballs life was good again. . . . or so we thought until Memorial Day.  He screamed bloody murder when we tried to get him in the pool.  Guess we're going to have to slowly reintroduce it and learn not to fear it.

Last week we purchased a bigger kiddie pool for our backyard.  Yesterday since it was such a nice day, Austin and I went swimming (well sort of LOL!)  Here are some pictures of the great time we had.  He had a blast sliding down his slide into the water and I had a blast watching him squeel with delight. 

We obviously had a great time.  Once I figure out how to post a video -- help anyone?!?! YouTube hates me so I need another method - I'll post one.  So cute, I just have to share