Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to my parents for our annual family gathering.  We ate, drank and had a great time together.  I love that we are close enough and are able to have Christmases (and all other holidays for that matter) together!  Here are a few pictures of that night. 

Mom thought she was funny.  Austin opened up a Yankees Ball/Bat set and my dad opened up a Rangers ball/bat set.  Needless to say, they QUICKLY switched.  Austin was happy with the switch too saying, "Boo Yankees!"
Carolyn & Trista! 
This photo cracks me up!  Not sure what they were doing but it was hilarious.  Trista, I think, thinks all boys are silly! 
Trevor (2), Austin (3.5), Trista (3.5 - although four days shy of turning 4!) 
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!! 

After we drove back home, Austin set out some goodies for Santa Claus and his reindeer! 
Homeade cookies
So proud of himself!  I'm sure Santa and his 8 reindeer were VERY thankful!! 
Scott reading Austin The Night Before Christmas 

CHRISTMAS MORNING! V-e-r-y early morning -- SANTA CLAUS came!!
The goodies he left behind for Austin
Yup, he was VERY appreciative of the cookies, milk and carrots for his Reindeer! 
Austin walking in. . . still groggy from sleep.  Slightly confused. . . 
Went Straight to the Baseball guys!  Santa did a great job!! 
Austin was very excited Santa brought him chocolate and twizzlers! 
A REAL baseball glove for when he starts T-Ball this spring. He is already pretty good at catching the ball - now with this he's able to grab it better 
Green Lantern! 
His Christmas Morning Loot! 
Overall, I'd say it was a very merry Christmas! 

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