Friday, January 6, 2012

First time at Putt-Putt Golf!

Sometime in December, Scott and I took Austin to Putt-Putt for his first time.  At the last minute, I was able to score an online coupon for a BYGO free  of golf (Austin was already free) + $10 worth of game tokens   CAN YOU SAY WHOOO HOOOOO!!!! 

Austin was a natural and caught on quickly.  He was pretty good - better than me, although that's not really saying a lot LOL!! 

Hole in one!!   
Stinker!  Blocking the hole so Daddy can't get his ball in.  Austin catches on early!  LOL 
18th hole 
He loves the grab the ball from the hole after he sunk it in. . . Although. . .  
WHAT?!?!  Where'd it go!?!?! 
HaHaHa  Had to explain that at the 18th hole, it goes down a pipe for the staff to keep.  The look on his face was awesome! 

Game time.  Notice where his ball went.  Guess we need more practice :-)
Austin being his eyes & ears while Daddy drives his race car!
Grabbing some goodies with our tickets
Bowling at Putt-Putt Golf. . .?? Sure!

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Katie Bug said...

Hey, Tanya! I tagged you in one of those fun/cheesy questionnaires. The info is on Bug's blog.

And, I wish I could pull of a hat like you!